Billions Better Workshop Sunday 29 April!

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Would you join me next Sunday in Bangkok for a workshop that I have just signed-up today for because if you are an entrepreneur and live in Bangkok, then this might be useful for you?

I thought I would write a Steem post after I went to the workshop, but why not telling you about it now so you can join if you want to?

Billions Better Workshop Sunday 29 April!

I realized that I haven't been to any seminar, workshop or event for a very long time, especially for self-development, and when this workshop was presented to me by @dominikboecker, I decided to attend. Luckily, between my numerous travels this month, I am free on that day.

Billions Better Workshop Sunday 29 April!

First of all, this is not a Steem meetup, but it would be great to have fellow Steemians attend.

The workshop is organized by Dominik Boecker who is a life and business coach. I have known Dominik for a few years online as we have followed each other, and even though we are living in the same city we have never met. This is a good opportunity to meet as I have missed several of his other workshops.

This is the information about the workshop.

Billions Better Workshop Sunday 29 April!

If you have been struggling achieving your goals and need a push to get back on the right tracks, then I think attending this workshop can make us both good.

Registrations are open here:

The cost for the whole day workshop is 1,997 THB and this includes 6 hours of workshop, materials and food.

Vinifera Wine Bar & Restaurant

The workshop will take place at the Vinifera Wine bar & Restaurant located in the LadPrao area where we will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Billions Better Workshop Sunday 29 April!

This is a French restaurant I have never been to and this is another opportunity for me to attend this workshop, and to go back to my culinary sources.

Billions Better Workshop Sunday 29 April!

I am sure you will like it too!


Vinifera Wine Bar & Restaurant
199 Chokechai 4 Soi 54, LadPrao 53
10230 Bangkok, Thailand.

All images are borrowed from Dominik's website to illustrate this post.

Billions Better Workshop Schedule

This is the schedule posted on the website and Facebook event for a very interesting day:

9.30 am – Registration & light French breakfast.

10 am - Billions Better Life & Business Transformation System.
introducing a system that you can customize and apply to any area of life or business that matters most.

11 am - Billions Better Mornings
A morning philosophy and lifestyle that is optimised just for you which gives you energy, clarity, and a positive mood.

12 pm - Billions Better Goals.
a system of goal setting and achievement that is unique and personal to you that will guide you towards accomplishing any goal you decide and commit to.

1 pm - Billions Better Vinifera Surprise Lunch.
An unforgettable lunch experience with our Vinifera Billions Better surprise lunch

2 pm - Billions Better Body.
A system of healthy living that is unique and personal to you that will guide you towards achieving your health goals and a healthier lifestyle.

3 pm - Billions Better Action
A program that’s customised just for you that will help you to keep taking the action required for you to make progress.

4 pm - Billions Better Key Takeaway.
Let’s wrap up what learnings, insights and realisations we’ve discovered today so we can reflect on what’s possible for our goals, our health and our lives moving forwards before we celebrate what we’ve achieved today.

6 pm - Billions Better Vinifera French Dinner & Celebration

More details about this workshop and schedule can be found here, as well as a registration form:

Event on Facebook to ask your questions:

I hope that this post is useful for you and I hope to see you there.

I will make another post after I attended the event, next week.

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Michel Gerard


wow,its a very good initiative.
but i am from Bangladesh.

best of luck for the great workshop.
i am not in the bangkok but waits for your post about it after workshop

Enjoy the meetup Michel!

Yeah you must surely attend this seminar. It will be very useful for anyone who gets a chance to attend this event. It's truly a good opportunity to learn something creative and explore your ideas.

Thank you for commenting and I am looking forward attending next Sunday.

Wish I was in Bangkok to attend it!

Maybe another time! Thanks for commenting.

wow.its so great work//i appreciated your Billions Better Workshop.
thanks for share

Thanks for commenting.

Hope to see more from you :) I followed you!

Thank you for your good words and following me.

All for 1,997thb ??? Seems like amazing value for money! Shame I can't make it to Bangkok this time, however, will be on the lookout for more gatherings soon! :)

Thank you for commenting and maybe we will meet on another workshop.

Too kind, thank you.

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