The fitness street

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There is a street in Phuket which is all about fitness. The street is only 1,3km long and still you will find 5 Muay Thai gyms and several "normal" gyms there.


Valentina Shevchenko is training at Tiger Muay Thai, probably the best known gym of the street.


George St Pierre was training at Tiger a couple of years ago as well and even flew 2 trainers to Canada to help him prepare for a fight.


Michael Bisping was preparing for a fight at Phuket Top Team.

You see the likes of Mark Hunt, Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino aka Cyborg or Ray "Magical" Elbe walking around here pretty regular and probably a lot more professional fighters I don`t know.

You can train BJJ, MMA, Western Boxing, Wrestling and of course Muay Thai. There is almost a course being offered any time of the day starting at 6 in the morning.

Fighting is not your cup of tea? That is not really a problem as you can also go to Yoga, Crossfit, lifting weights and countless other courses.

There are a lot of resteraunts in the street who cater to the fitness needs of their customers. Most of them have reasonable prices.

Soi taied or the soi how the cool kids call it, is located in Chalong Phuket.

It will not be your usual holiday. You probably feel to sore to go to the beach a lot. But you meet a lot of cool people and through the Muay Thai training I got to know some Thais very easy as it can be hard sometimes.

If you are lazy as me you can get motivated but also a bit intimidated quite easy as you barely see so many fit people in one place and I mean fit like the moviestars if not even more.

The costs can vary a lot, what you eat, how much you want to spend for your accommodation etc so it is not easy to give an estimate what kind of budget you need.

The training is not cheap(all incluse training for 1 month around 500$) but if you want to commit yourself for a couple of weeks/months quite worth it.

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And I will love to visit that place one day

well worth a visit if you like to sweat :-)

If those big names frequent the gyms then you know it's legit!

I always hoped they come because of me ;-)

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they sure can

Amazing sports!

If you are lazy as me you can get motivated but also a bit intimidated quite easy as you barely see so many fit people in one place and I mean fit like the moviestars if not even more.

LOL. I can relate to this. There was a time in a gym when I look at those people with seemingly sculpted bodies, then I look at mine for a second. My confidence reached rock bottom. xD


yes 2 edged swored

Wow! an entire street dedicated to sport ?? great idea! I image this street is super crowded. it's a bit like a sports vacation home 😎

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it is crowded in high season.

10 years ago there was only 1 gym, 1 resteraunt and a couple of hotels and sooo much jungle. Now you have several tattoo artist, 7/11s etc.

Quite convienent but differnent charme.

The development went crazy in this street and the more people were making money with sport the more gyms etc openend.

Oh a new account. Follow and resteem.
500 bucks does that included a sleeping place and food?

no this comes on top.

yes for the tribes I plan to be active it is better have a dedicated account as it shares the votingpower with your usual steemit account

That's really cool, Muay Thai was my thing back in the day before Parenthood and non stop work. Would have loved to go here and experience that.

I was really into it for several years. Then a long break from any kind of sport and now it is bjj.

Some people come with their kids...just saying ;-)

Hehe, I know. I am looking forward to the day that mine want to or are big enough!!

Motivation street, or is it embarrassing street?

I'd like to take a walk down but don't think i'd attend for the same reasons - need to work out in private for a while to get to a minimum acceptable level. Or just stay at home with a beer.

Both for me :-)

The first trainings always feel a bit strange but after that it is just fun.

Is it home beer fun? Most of the time

I need to get back into it, not the beer at home thing - pro in that regard :)

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It is motivating to see something like this. What you see, that has an impact on you. Eventually, you are going to do it. Thank you for sharing this.

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well not cheap at all but if one want to build focus and concentrate on only that it might be the great thing too

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Also a documentary was done there right, I saw it on Netflix? First visited in 2013, drove past there this year on the bike, it's changed so much even in 5 years. Do you do Muay Thai yourself?

I have heard about this place a few times, its a very popular destination for fighters to sharp their stand up. Most recently Khalil Rountree moved down there and the result is obv. You can watch his last fight in good quality on this link.

Enjoy it and cya around!