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RE: Thailand Tourism Minister puts foot in mouth about Coronavirus

in #thailandlast year

When I see cases like this I'm always wondering how on earth can someone do such a thing. I understand he didn't want to create panic and wanted to reassure people that everything is going to be fine but this is the 21th century, information travels fast and no one is so stupid to believe him over the experts.
His credibility has just dropped dramatically. How can you believe a person like him after what he's just said?


i don't think people do believe him and mostly I wouldn't have heard about this article at all if the guy wasn't being very closely monitored because the media is like "what sort of crazy shit is this guy going to say next?"

We have a few of these in our country every election but they don't last long as people are watching and they bring the party down.
The press is watching even closer and these mistakes stick to them and are mentioned all the time when their names come up.

I hope he's going to be kicked out as health is an important department, there's no room for people like him. He should be the smartest of all.

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