Breakfast In Thailand (Full Hogzilla Cheapskate Mode!)

in thailand •  12 days ago

Breakfast is included with my stay here which is perfect because when I go full hogzilla cheapskate mode I just gorge myself and live off that nourishment for the majority of the day!

I felt like a sophisticated business man walking into breakfast. People probably though I was a successful entrepreneur but in reality I make $2.50 / day posting clay aliens I made in 8th grade on STEEM. And another $0.35 / day on Whaleshares, WEKU, and Bearshares. I got kicked off of Jamaa or whatever it was called for not being African but that is a post for another day.
The breakfast looked great with an excellent selection.

There were fruits that I had never seen in my life before! Initiate FULL Cheapskate Hogzilla Mode!

Plate 1


Plate 2


Plate 3


I probably could have ate another plate but I'm trying to not be totally bloated to the core for the pool and beach.

I probably won't eat again until dinner.

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I make $2.50 / day posting clay aliens I made in 8th grade on STEEM

Stop showing off...some of us can't break the 1$ barrier...


hahahah, Times are rough for sure. It's never a good feeling.


Its all fun and games until next bull run...

Oh! Wow! It seems you don’t suffer from jet lag! I don’t believe you actually eat all the food in these plates!
I think you stick some into your plastic container!! Or you may be like a camel! Having an extra storage inside!!
You’ll be rolling about soon!

Have a feast! Mostly fruits and protein!

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Well I slept over 11 hours last night and then I just took a nap for over an hour! Hahahha So I certainly suffered from jet lag! :-)

Wow the foods really looks rich and highly delicious to eat, what a perfect meal to start your day with. Lovey photos @brianphobos


Yeah it was a great start but then I fell asleep after I ate all that! LOL

That is enough nutrition for a day, well done. Plus, yes those fruits are new to me too


They were pretty good but I still don't know what they are! Hahhah!


hahahah happens to most of us whenever we go to a new place lol


hahaha that happens to everyone when they go to a new place but fruits are all good, aren't they?

You’re now a king of Thailand! Let me pay my tax to by upvoting this post 😂

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Maybe you are the King? Paying your tax with inflation from the reward pool!!! Clever King level move!

By the way! That little piece of cake on the second plate is just nice!

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You could have breakfast and lunch together with that.