Fat Elvis (restaurant / bar) Chiang Mai: American- style karaoke and great pub grub

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I think you would need to be a drunk like me to appreciate this sort of thing and you would also have to coincidentally be in Chiang Mai in order to fully appreciate this place.

But i have lived here for half a year and I only stumbled (quite literally) on this establishment in the last week and at least for now, it is my favorite place to go to.


I don't know why the place is called "Fat Elvis," I haven't bothered to look into their motif that much. Basically this place is on a long strip of bars in a very popular part of Chiang Mai nightlife that is easy to walk past.

The name Elvis is for some reason or another, overused in this city, and that is the reason why I didn't come in this place until I accidentally did so yesterday. I was basically forced into this place by a drunken friend and I do not regret her choice to go in here at all.


From the entrance it looks the same as every other bar.... which is to suggest that it looks dumb and boring. However, it is neither of those things because after about 8pm this place is the home of the most popular karaoke in the entire city.

When I say karaoke, i mean the North American notion of it and well, since I am in fact North American, this appeals to me immensely.

I met so many people in this place and I think we were all joined together by our mutual near-complete inability to sing. It was a fantastic time.


I also ordered some ribs to eat while i was there and they were absolutely fantastic.

Basically, if you want to meet some people and can deal with the fact that there is an absolutely wonderful chance that they can not sing, but aren't afraid to try to do so.... this might be the right spot for you.

I had a fantastic time and will really look forward to returning there in the future.

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Well life is a matter of choice what you see so attractive in the restaurant another person may not see it that way. So enjoy what is best for you. Nice place.

I'm sure you'll be back, @gooddream. You have passed me the joy that you lived in the place. That's what it's all about, my friend, going out and enjoying life. A hug.

That is pretty interesting that they use the Elvis name on a lot of things. Maybe back in the day it was synonymous with American Rock and Roll and things have just kind of stuck through the years. It has been a long time since I have been to a Karaoke bar. What I love is when that one person who can actually sing gets up there and blows everyone away.