Tetsuya Yoroizaka - Winner of the 2017 Maui Marathon!

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It was a very windy Sunday Morning, the winds must have been around 25-30 MPH around the Lahaina Pali for the runners that morning. I started the morning watching the Maui Marathon live on Instagram thanks to @cristinaonmaui's feed here: https://www.instagram.com/acristinapineda/ The main theme of the morning was the wind!
Cristina had some very good coverage, here is a screenshot of the winner of the Maui Marathon I snapped from the live feed!
Photo (Above) Tetsuya Yoroizaka

Wind was not that promising for bodyboarding, so after watching the livestream I headed down to the North Shore to check out the windsurfers. Here are a few shots I got from my drone.

photos by Nick Thompson 10/15/17



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fantastic surfing photography & congratulation 'Tetsuya Yoroizaka' @honusurf


Wow that's a great victory! Congratz Tetsuya Yoroizaka and you shared a wonderful dronography (photography took by a drone) of great wind surfing experience!


We congratulate you. You have done a great job.

Congrats to Tetsuya Yoroizaka for winning this marathon under these weather condition.

@honusurf - Sir, I think it was a good Marathon game & congratulations for the winner of it.... Sir, your drone photography are absolutely brilliant.... Love that scenery..... Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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Congratulations @honusurf
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Exceptional photography of windsurfing...!!!

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Congratulations to Tetsuya Yoroizaka for winner of themaui-marathon.
You have sharing interesting article with nice photo captures.
Upvote/ Resteem

Is this hawaii beach @honusurf? Wow!!! awesome and handy looking windsurfers riding their surf boats on very beautiful sea. Nice landscaping. I really like surfing. So I Resteemed for see other steemians.
Have a nice day!!

Nice story &congrats