The Steem blockchain was upgraded earlier today. You may experience trouble posting and transacting while the new bandwidth system stabilizes. Read more here.

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It's a mysterious disease here on Steem ... no specific cures. But you can try the following:

  • log off and log on again
  • clear the draft and refresh the submission page and do it again
  • post only a fraction of your post and, if it is successful, edit it again and again by adding another small fraction until it's finished.
  • try another no-fee UI like busy, partiko ...
  • wait and pray

Thank you so much for your heart-warming reply! I didn't expect anyone to even read my 4-word post, much less offer to help resolve my problem.

Before reading your very informative and helpful comment, I tried suggestions #2, 3 and 5. I also tried removing the Wikipedia link, the YouTube link and the Chinese content. Nothing has worked so far, but I'll keep trying.



I forgot to pray, but angels seem to have intervened. I have successfully posted about a lime-limited free Udemy course. Thank you, @deanliu and thank you, Lord!