nice post ! :p

nah but @rishi556 ... i know you're the tekno-mage side so i want to take this seriously cuzz scarey BUT
is that a discord-rumour (like e.g. : the chinese government is collaborating with justin sun to bring down steemit in the middle of a viral outbreak) or an official announcement and if so :

does it mean tx that dont go through or actually lost steem / sbd ?

the first would be your local standard average incompetence of witnesses not being reachable within sometimes 48 hours or more to patch, the latter would be very nasty ...

(at your leisure if you should read this) @tyrnannoght is the only responses i still check , usually daily

considering the history of steemit in the past three years id say its not below anyone here to go spread rumours 'for teh tribe' and all that tripe .. if you know more, then plz :)

Screen Shot 20200424 at 10.04.18 AM.png

@someguy123 explained it extremely well.

privex ... sounds more reliable than 'used to be nsa' or im a writer indeed

sounds like there's some kind of oscillating version of 'the' chain then , cant consider myself an expert on blockchain-tek , in the end it should correct since there can be only one version as you can only have one block fitting exactly between two others, there's no other way for a blockchain to exist (at least thats how i understood back in pre-history class) SO this sounds like it has an error margin and a calibration time

but what you're saying is it simply discards certain chunks to make sure, well no, b/c it cant have difference and so it cuts them out and the data goes into the void

there must be some kind of patch for that then or people would have been reporting missing financial tx , that would be the first complaint ...

im afraid i dont know enough to speak about it in all fairness but even with a patch it means its an issue that would slow things down as it would need correction-after-the-fact

thanks for replying :) !!!!

Screen Shot 20200424 at 10.05.09 AM.png

And thats where I got 2% lost from.

u-huh, so the transactions dont go throught as in they dont get recorded to the effective version of teh cahin , theres no money lost , to most its gonna look like lag-out

i guess thats both good and bad then

thanks again for the reply !!!!

The exact problem is that there is money to be lost.

The exact problem is that there is money to be lost. Say a bot is paying you out for delegations. The trx for your payout is lost. Boom there you go. Unless you have a way to contact them and they have a way to get a history of how much they owe you, you don't get your share.

i see , yes, that way but the money in se wouldn't be lost as it wouldnt have been de-ducted from their account but you're absolutely right. They might even use it as an excuse . But i'll assume since hive is a copy-paste its gonna be the same there ... @rishi556 thanks :)

No, this error is occurring because of the different witness versions being run on Steem. Currently all Hive witnesses are running 0.23.0 so there's no differences and all blocks are accepted. On Steem, some blocks can be rejected due to the different blacklist accounts being run.

And yes, the funds aren't lost, but what if the market has a pump (like what happened with HBD just a few hours ago). You can't sell at the higher price because you didn't get your funds.

i see ... well , i think that's up the #thecompany and #justinsun then ... there's no one else developing so im sure they can have some majority patch that forces nodes tho have the latest version - it's I.T. ...nothing should be impossible
i had a lot of tripe with that due to the immense amount of time it takes before you can access your funds
unless you're like a millionnaire already and you can keep a few ten or hundredthousand or million liquid

i mean imagine having a bitcoin, even just one and then having to wait 13 weeks before you can trade it ...

if the system wont accept anything but the majority version and Sun makes some effort with the spare change in his pockets at the end of the day (or ned , assuming he's still a 'share'-holder it shouldnt be that hard to fix but my guess is the 'main' public basically has no clue (as always) and gets shiney eyes when someone says "crypto!" (i dont wanna be demeaning but i speak from experience and observation) and steemit has always had a bad habit of "o well ... it aint that bad" lol

that's why they're here, to fix it, you and i can't fix it since we dont have a witness

i don't even have a node as i'm totally broke bum (mentally dysfunct (aka broken) too)

all i can do is NOT spend fiat until at least they make sure they do and actually hoping they would report stuff like that in the main channels :)

but well ...

"blacklist" accounts and stuff ... :/ ... i thought it didnt go further than not showing up in the U.I. so there's no slander or disruption of the public order and not touching the actual wallets

i mean a blockchain where you wallet is blocked ? that would be like EOS and its small patriarchy already decided a few times

very un-reliable ... all things considered i see the main circlejerking crowd who came in here to play little despot and has virtually no skill except "having money already" move to EOS voice from hive anyway, its gonna be attractive to them ... but if this thing is that bad and it doesnt get fixed then this thing is utterly un-reliable

if then :p

i wonder btw @rishi556 , pardon the incessant questioning. STeem has condenser and steempy-cli / steem-py , i know there's a condenser version for hive but do they have the cli and .py lib for automation as well ? otherwise its not gonna be interesting to me anyway. I'm not mister "O YOU SUCH A BEAUTIFUL WHALE now upvote plz .." so i never mix well with the in-crowd :D

still works!

Not as well as it should. Microforks are a problem.

something sure smells rotten in the state of steemix ...

my posts are made i can vote but they don't show up, not even after an hour, the autovoter picks up on them but it apparently also picks up on this one again

which is imo a bit longer than a few hours old


i have no idea what they're doing in texas but it doesn't look like anything good @rishi556

Hivemind was fucked for over 14 hours. I don't know how long it took to fix it(tho it looks like a temp fix rather than a permenant one)

Hive had the same issue and they fixed it within the hour

let's hope they can keep that up . There's bound to be rifts unless they're all BFF's since kindergarten lol

it's way too early to say and they still have the 'honour' to keep up here ... but over time i fear money talks

its humans on planet earth after all, they split off once ... it might happen again

by 2030 @freedom is a billionnaire like that and we might have a few 10k hahah

no, i seriously REALLY hope they make it and can see it through i'm not much for all that one-side tribalism

i like the more money since it's double now part heh

maybe i'm just a shallow person ...

or maybe i havent had enough for way too long ...

o dear o woe heh

have a nice week-end then :p

there's definitely something to it ... it peeks these




artefacts from yonder, i havent removed anyone from my autovoter lists but most of the ones on it have stopped posting long ago - but the pages dont show apparently , but condenser does present it somehow or it wouldnt pick up

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