I’ve always wondered why cars dont use their cameras!

in tesla •  26 days ago

Most cars have 360’ cameras these days. Or at least the ability to have them for parking.

Every car that I had so far has either been broken into or dented.

So I have always wondered why these 360 cameras are not being used to record whats going on while they are parked.

Surely it would be easy to just have the car record everything, idealy sense when it is being hit and notify my, let me use my phone to check the footage and forward to authorities or insurance companies....

Stop dreaming.

Well it seems like someone else thought of this as well.


Tesla is dominating this market so badly the Other luxury car makers are just in deep trouble.

Thisnis good. This market needs innovation.

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There are some obvious privacy concerns. But self driving is bound to make cars have cameras and we better use it for something. I have a feeling that these kind of things are going to be needed more frequently in the future.

These things remind me of some things I've heard about the great depression. Communism and jealousy always keeps going lower and lower with their standards. In China when there weren't any rich people to be found, Mao and his goons turned on the riches poor guy amongst them.

Elon Musk is a genius and I never get tired of saying that.
We live in a world were companies need to constantly be innovating or they will have bad performances and eventually die. Elon Musk is a visionary and takes advantage of the opportunities the markets present and that´s why Tesla grows every day (even when there are some troubles on the table).

Legally this is difficult terrain. It varies in different countries what you can video and what not. Another question is, what "sentry mode" means. If it only starts to video after the car is bumped, like a car alarm, that may change things again.
But simply recording all the time while its parked, would be certainly not legal in many countries. Imagine all cars would have that feature, then you get basically videoed all the time.


you already get videoed all the time ..

I thought 360 degrees surveillance is only legal for the government to spy on its citizens. You think they will allow individual citizens and car owners to do the same? ;)

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That dent certainly looks like someone from an opposing vehicle opened their door too carelessly and banged against the car next to it ( the one pictured).

A camera on at all times would likely be too hard on the battery. Perhaps it can have its own little battery that charges when the car is running ?