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Was heading to a job early this morning, 7:39am to be exact. I couldn't help but snap a few passing shots of this beautiful sunrise peaking over the trees and above Lake Minnetonka and its barren docks.

Hope you had a great NYE and a blessed 2019 to you!

Side note: I tried posting this on Steepshot, but it failed multiple times for no reason other than "oops, sorry, something went wrong." Kind of disappointing seeing as their main job is to upload quick and easy pictures/posts. But not to end on a negative are the only one who can determine your happiness. So enjoy this sunrise and be. happy.

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This is a magnificent sunrise, @intothewild.

Beautiful shot! Reminds me of all the tequila sunrises I drank in Mexico last month.....

Happy New Year @intothewild!

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Amazing shot! I'm so glad it's a little warmer today!

Looks like a painting the colors are so vivid.

What a gorgeous shot!

Thanks for sharing. :)