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Float: friend of tacky piscineros and affected hemorroidales. Outside of these social groups, carrying them on their backs is erroneously considered an unsightly element.

Flower: beautiful vegetable presence appreciated by the most evil beings.

Fluorescent: strong carrier light when starting. In one-night stands, once the house is stepped on, the fluorescent lighting can break down the libido to absolute minimums, being responsible for abundant triggers and last-minute regrets.

Focus: light that shines insignificant minutiae leaving what really matters under total darkness.

Plumber: man in charge of fixing taps and pipes: within the same price, the possibility of contemplating the slit of his rear is included, option that can not be excluded from the pack.

Form: enjoyment of aesthetic supremacy. Their presence always achieves, eclipses and obscures, the purities and contents of the background.

Fortress: figurative building in which we like to entrench ourselves. We know yes, that it will be assaulted and crushed sooner or later, reason in spite of which we take refuge behind its walls waiting anxiously for the arrival of that dark lady of death name.

Fortune: House of cards that time ends up shooting down.

Failure: idea linked to the concepts of poverty and loneliness. Those who dwell there blame those scourging evils on their immaculate honesty, effective servant of childhood consolations.

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