TIL that Solomons Temple has already been rebuilt, in Brazil! [Deeply Symbolic Event]

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Have you ever heard of the "rebuilding of the 3rd temple" or Solomons temple ?

The Temple of Solomon has already been rebuilt by the "Universal church of the kingdom of god" in Sao Paulo Rio!

There is a lot of disagreement about wether this truly fulfills the prophesy of the rebuilding of the 3rd temple, mostly because it's outside of the state of Israel and partly because of the perceived corruption of the church that created it.

In 2009, São Paulo's public prosecutor accused 10 senior members of the church, including Macedo, of siphoning off billions of dollars of donations to buy cars and property. Macedo, who denied the charges, owns a $45m private jet.

Either way, its impressively built and deeply symbolic to many groups for different reasons.

Quick stats:
Cost: $300 Million USD
Construction Time: 4 Years
Inaugurated on: July 31, 2014
Capacity: 10,000 worshippers

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[ Source: Wikimedia commons ]

This is an replica of the original ancient Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, but even bigger - and it sticks out like dogs balls compared to city around it.

At 55 meters or 18 stories tall, it's double the height Rio's iconic "Christ the redeemer" statue !

[Source: wikimedia commons]

The rebuilding of the 3rd temple has been prophesied for a long time as one of the precursors to the "final days" within Judaism. I'm not a follower of any organized religion, I do my own thing - but I still find these sorts of predictions interesting.

My entire lifetime I've been hearing about this "imminent" rebuilding of the temple - but it was always supposed to be built on the temple mount in Israel. Did not expect it to be done by stealth, in a different country entirely!

Instead of being built on the temple-mount , they literally shipped millions of dollars worth of stone from Is-ra-el Yisrael (See @inphiknit's comments below) to Rio , and completed this MASSIVE temple in the middle of a low income area just in time for the Olympics.

I never saw this building once in all of the media coverage of the Olympics, which is a little strange given the massive size of the thing - you'd think they'd want to show such a huge addition to their city to the world.

As well as a huge central hall, there is a car park for 1,000 vehicles, TV and radio studios, and classrooms for 1,300 children as well as a full housing complex.

Not only is this symbolic rebuilding of the 3rd temple important to the Judaic faith, the symbolism and mythology is also deeply woven through freemasonic ritual and myth.

Of all the objects which constitute the Masonic science of symbolism, the most important, the most cherished, by the Mason, and by far the most significant, is the Temple of Jerusalem. The spiritualizing of the Temple is the first, the most prominent and the most pervading, of all symbols of Freemasonry ... Take from Freemasonry its dependence on the Temple; leave out of its ritual all references to that sacred edifice, and to the legends and traditions connected with it, and the system itself would at once decay and die ... "

Quote Source: "Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry", by Albert Mackey, MD, 33º and Charles T. McClenachan, 33º, Revised Edition, by Edward L. Hawkins, 30º and William J. Hughan, 32º, Volume II, M-Z, published by The Masonic History Company, Chicago, New York, London, 1873, A.G. Mackey, 1927, by the Masonic History Company.

The same temple also contains a replica of the Ark of the Covenant, inside an inner chamber called Kodesh Hakodashim or "Holy of Holies" in english.

[ Source: Wikimedia commons

This temple, the politics surrounding it and the deeper meaning of its construction could fill dozens of books and still not even begin to scratch the surface of why this is important to the Judaic and Freemasonic belief systems.

I'm wondering if building the church outside of Israel was an attempt at sabotaging prophecy.

Does anyone know if there are any solid plans to still build on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem since this was built ?

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He's truly an honourable person who, when he learns something new, especially if contradictory, then absorbs, reflects, and reshapes his understanding and actions... B"H!

Thanks so much brother... :)

This is a very interesting post! @ausbitbank Cheers!

Reposting on several social media, thanks!

Thankyou :)

I would venture to say that this building has nothing to do with The 3rd Holy Temple, because it's not on the site chosen by God, Abraham, King Dovid, and King Solomon. And also because aside from prayer, nothing that was commanded to happen in God's Temple, is happening in Brazil. The conditions are not yet correct...

Re: your question...

The Temple Institute has remade all the gold, silver and copper vessels and implements for the 3rd Temple, and they wait for the appropriate time. They also teach the Cohanim (our priests) all the requirements for when the Temple comes...

Here for example, is a picture I took of the actual Menorah for the Temple. It was made of 1 talent of gold. It "waits" on the steps as you descend to the plaza where the Wailing Wall is. (Seen through the trees.) The Temple will be rebuilt up above and behind that wall... B"H it will be moved and lit soon...

A Building of the Heavens or of the Earth.

There is a classic difference of opinion between our rabbis regarding the construction of the Third Beit Hamikdash. Rambam states1 that the Beit Hamikdash will be built by man—more specifically, by Moshiach. Indeed, its construction will be one of the signs of Moshiach’s advent.

Rashi,2 by contrast, explains that the Beit Hamikdash has already been constructed by G‑d and exists in the heavenly realms, waiting for the time when it will descend to the earth. For the Third Beis Hamikdash will be “the Sanctuary of G‑d, established by Your hands.”3 When the setting within the world is appropriate, this heavenly structure will descend and become an actual reality within our material world.

The article continues on, to solve the apparent contradiction...

Great post thankyou for the info pics and link ill read through it. Im just a noob outsider wanting to understand.. That menorah is beautiful

You're very welcome. I hope it answers some of people's questions...

The Menorah sure is nice. It's huge too. With that pedestal, it is taller than I am.

I noticed the way you spelled Yisrael too. I should do a post with sources to disprove the rumour that that usually refers to...

TIL about Yisrael too, feel free to put a link here if you do write that post :)

Thanks for the inspiration, I made the response post today. I really appreciate your inviting me to link it here...


Great work, I've updated this post now to refer to this and crossed out my is-ra-el thing. Thanks for the edumacation :)

Oh great! Thanks! I will give it some thought tomorrow and see what the noodle generates^^

Very interesting.

I am sure the barely making it citizens who stay nearby , find huge consolation in having this giant edifice in their midst!

Aha yeah I know right. Must be great watching millions of dollars get poured into this while infrastructure, schools and basic services fall apart and corrupt "leaders" pocket millions in bribes.

Context / More info:

This government cannot pay its police and firefighters, they've been protesting at the international airports with signs reading "welcome to hell".

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