📢 TELOS HANGOUT TONIGHT @ 7PM EST ~ Tonight's Guest: Jim Hewett of EOS UK

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NEW - Telos Hangout #2

Join us tonight at 7PM EST / 11 UTC in the Telos Discord:

Presented by: Douglas Horn
Tonight's Guest: Jim Hewett of EOS UK (https://eosuk.io)
Streamed & Recorded by: PowerPics (me)

Helpful Links:

Website: http://TelosFoundation.io
Email: hello@telosfoundation.io
Telegram (General): https://t.me/HelloTelos
Telegram (BPs): https://t.me/TelosTestnet
Github: Github.com/Telos-Foundation

Blockchain Perfected

Delegated Proof of Stake is the future of smart-contract blockchains. We combine the blazing fast execution and scalability of EOSIO software with true decentralization that makes DPoS sustainable. Telos will have the most even money supply distribution of any blockchain. This token distribution improves governance so the network is more secure and sustainable.

The Telos Blockchain

Telos forks EOSIO code into a new blockchain and updates the following elements:

  • Remove the extreme economic power of a small number of “whales” by capping the value of
    every address in the genesis snapshot at 40,000 Telos (TLOS) tokens.
  • Eliminates whales’ control of block producer selection and token holder voting.
  • Exchanges will be given a process for petitioning to have TLOS tokens created for their
  • EOS owners at the time of the snapshot, provided that they agree to list TLOS and
    distribute tokens, capped at 40,000 per account holder.

A Fresh Start with Telos

The Eos mainnet launch has revealed numerous important shortcomings of the system. We are fortunate to have learned from these. Many of these problems will be solved in time. Telos has the benefit of a clean slate to deal with these problems head on and solve the most pressing problems immediately on launch. The Telos network offers a fresh start to run the EOSIO software on a network that focuses on providing clear and immediate value to DApp developers and token holders. Ultimately, Telos may provide a testbed of innovative solutions that the EOS mainnet may adopt. For now, Telos aims to be a cost-effective, highly reliable network that users can join for free and developers can afford to deploy their DApps on.

Read More in the Telos Whitepaper.

~ PowerPics

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