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Hello, I am ALI from swedencornet. I am The “Youngest” Telos Launch Group (TLG) member. I have a Christmas gift for you. Telos is offering 1 Million FREE Accounts. But only ONE Account per person.

1 Million FREE Accounts (Video)

Vote for BP: swedencornet

To get your free account you download the latest version of Sqrl from here:

Sqrl is available for Windows, Unix, and Apple. After installation, please connect to the Telos Mainnet.


Now you have two options:

  • Import existing account (if you already have one) or
  • Create a New Account

So, go ahead to create a New Account to get your 1st 100% free account. You have to choose your unique 12 digit account name. Then generate your Owner and Active Key- pairs.


Choose next. Now you can see your both Owner and Active Key-pairs. Copy and save your Private keys in a SECURE location. Please remember to never share your private keys with anyone.


Now you can simply create your account by choosing Create my account.


That’s all, now you have your free account created in the Telos Mainnet.

How to buy TLOS?

If you want to buy more Telos then you can do it with chainrift. You can create chainrift account with this REFERRAL link:


Telos and Voting

Please remember, in Telos it is very important that you choose The Best BPs and cast your vote. You can cast vote for upto 30 BPs. And if you do so, please choose “swedencornet” as one of them.


It is important that you regularly vote. It is important that you investigate and research on BPs. How good they are in

  • EDUCATION and Training,
  • … and more

Please read their profiles.

It takes time to do the research properly. If you do not have time then you can choose and set proxy. You can choose The People’s Proxy which can vote regularly on behalf of you.


The People’s Proxy consider following principles:

  • Compliance to TBNOA (Telos Governance)
  • Active participation in the Growth of Telos ecosystem.
  • Real world use to attract general Public (masses). Bringing positive changes in the Global Society. Integrate * TBN into existing day-to-day used applications
  • Information Security, Privacy, Legal, and Risks Management.
  • Decentralization and Global Reach.
  • Equal Opportunities, Non-descrimination.
  • Green Energy and Environmental Sustainability.

That’s all

That’s all

So Hurry up…

  • Get you free account
  • Vote for swedencornet
  • or set your proxy as peoplesproxy

Vote for BP: swedencornet



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