Mountain Monsters - What the Hell Happened?

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Bigfoot. An iconic character that more than one person, or team, has made a decent living "hunting" over the years. There have been many documentaries released focusing on this legend, including one that was filmed right down the road from me (I am in Arkansas - everything is "right down the road") - Legend of Boggy Creek. Arkansas has also been visited by the "Finding Bigfoot" team in at least one episode (they went to the Boggy Creek area but found nothing). Another show that has picked up quite a bit of momentum in their quest for Bigfoot is Mountain Monsters.


They are on season five now and well, since the end of season three they have been heading off the tracks. What started as a show focused on the Appalachia mountains area looking for unknown creatures has turned into a sad attempt at a drama starring a bunch of old men, and one extremely out of shape young guy, "fighting" with another team of "hunters". Um, can we say "dance with the one that brought you" here?

I have to admit, Mountain Monsters is a guilty pleasure of mine. I like the show, even though the acting is horrible and I know it is more scripted than reality - it is still a fun show to watch. Or at least used to be. The changes that took effect in season four and continue in season five really make it hard to continue watching.

When they were out looking for creatures it was good times. Two members, Willie and "Wild" Bill, would build a base camp and any traps that the team leader, was Trapper but now seems to be Buck - the out of shape young guy, would need. We are also dealing with Jeff, an older member, trying to infiltrate another team and fight off psychological 'attacks' by a creature in the "Dark Forest" which also has a finger or two in Buck's mind now.

Early on, the show was fun and worth a few laughs. Now, it seems like the show is trying to please people instead of just provide good old fun. Please get back to the basics, what made the show a hit in the first place, and let us fans just enjoy it. This whole "infiltrating" another team and trying to gather impossible to find items for another opposing team, is just too much B.S. in a show that's claim to fame is hunting Bigfoot.

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I enjoy the show but even hardcore fans have to realize it has gone downhill since season four.