The Latest Vince Mcmahan Promo Has Me Unsure How to Feel

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This is not going to be something you see from me on this page on any kind of regular basis, and this is largely because I haven't been into Wrestling for a long time. I watched again for a stint a couple years ago, back when Roman Reigns faced HHH for the title at Wrestelmania, but got tired of it quickly after that. That said, I loved tuning in back in the day to watch guys like The Rock and Mankind (Or any of his stuff), and I still love going back and seeing old Promo's I missed growing up.

A huge part of what I loved was since Vince Mcmahon stroll out to one of the greatest entrance themes of all time, and you got to see this guy that felt almost more than human. He carried himself with such grandeur that it never felt like the ego was just posturing, he was an intimidating fucker who made everyone around him feel so small by comparison. Portrayed as a heel (For anyone who isn't a wrestling fan, the bad guy basically), he wasn't just one of the best villains in wrestling, but in any kind of entertainment. Both the real life and in universe owner of the company, it didn't seem to matter the era, when he was on screen he controlled the screen. He was in his fifties while I was watching, and even when I started watching again a few years ago when he was around seventy, he still had such a commanding presence. Paired with all the stories of people who have worked with him about what kind of man he was in real life, and universally people said he was the same in person.

Why I loved it so much is whenever he was taken down a peg, it never felt like he suddenly became human, or was shown to be something other than this larger than life entity. It felt like regular people could face down and stand up to things larger than themselves. Even when being forced to listen to mankind talk to him with a sock puppet because he was hospitalized and couldn't leave, he still felt like the same Vince he always was, his ability to keep that presence regardless of the situation was incredible.

But then came the recent HHH 25th Anniversary special recently, and I was hearing that Vince didn't seem the same. At first I thought it was probably exaggerated, and thought 'Dude is 75 now, no way he is going to have the same level of charisma he had before. So I finally looked it up to see what everyone was talking about.

For the first time I can ever recall, Vince Mcmahon seemed human. For a 75 year old man he looks fantastic, but this isn't just some old man. This is a guy who managed to, in the span of seconds, tear both of his quads and, while on the ground, sold no pain on his face and commanded no less authority than he always had before. But this latest TV appearance he just.... seemed like an uncle ribbing his nephew.

It feels like part of my childhood has finally died with this. It's no that he's gone, or even likely to be gone in the next few years, but it's so bizarre to see this. It's like if you were to witness Zeus himself descend from Mount Olympus, only to sit down at a coffee shop and say 'Look, it's been a long day. Just give me a black coffee and leave me alone'. There's something about it that just doesn't feel right, like the natural order of things is out of whack. Seeing Vince as just human feels wrong, not possible.

This was a bit of a rambly article with no real point or analysis, and I'm not really sure what to feel about it all. It's something that was always going to happen, people get old. But it still doesn't feel possible in the case of Vince. So thanks for indulging my pointless rambling, tomorrow should be my next review of One Piece, this time the Baratie Arc.


Vince is 75? Nicely written article pal, i too have loved Vince's heel persona for a long time. I can't imagine this getting passed to Shane who doesn't seem to really want it. Stephanie seems to enjoy the spotlight but there is only on Vince.

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