Gram-trading soon to start - the Telegram cryptocurrency!

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The ICO for the Telegram cryptocurrency GRAM was held in July 2018. The interest was extraordinary, but all the tokens were sold to private investors. That is why the ICO price never went official, but we do know that 2,2 billion tokens were sold and that the income is supposed to have been appx. 1,7 billion dollars.

Based on pure math, it should end up with a price of around 0,7 USD per token, but if you look around the Internet for information, you will see ICO prices varying between 1 and 4 USD per GRAM token.

Gram distribution is coming in October

Recently, all the investors received an email telling them to generate their own wallets with private and public keys. They will then need to give their public keys to Telegram by October 16th, and after that, the tokens will be distributed. And once the tokens are distributed, it is time to trade. Are you ready?

Where to trade the Gram tokens?

The only exchange that has given exact information about their intention to trade Gram tokens is Blackmoon. The Blackmoon Exchange CEO Oleg Seydak has been to Russia often in the last years, and it is very likely that he has gotten a very good deal with the Telegram team when it comes to the trading of Gram tokens. For this very reason, it might be that this little and yet so unknown exchange might get a giant boost if they end up being the first exchange where the Grams can be traded.

If you want to get ready to trade Grams on Blackmoon, visit their website at

The Telegram cryptocurrency will have 200,000,000 users from its first day

If we take into consideration that Telegram has more than 200 million users registered for their service, it means, there will be 200 million operating Telegram wallets ready to use the currency from day one. That is what one would call a flying start. Now, most people might not end up using it, but if Telegram will manage to make the wallet and transfers work smoothly within the Telegram applications, this has the potential to go crazy. It can almost be compared to the Libra currency of Facebook. But, while most Facebook users don't care about cryptocurrencies, the Telegram users are familiar and heavily into cryptocurrencies, thus making this a much better target group in the first place.

Pundi X is another cryptocurrency that has a similar function within their wallet. During a recent upgrade, they implemented Telegram into their wallet, and now you can easily transfer tokens easily to other users within the application. It is nice, but it still feels complicated to transfer funds using Telegram within the XWallet. I like the project, but since only hardcore investors and Pundi X fans currently runt he XWallet, it cannot be compared with the impact the Telegram token will have on the market once it goes live.

Should you buy Grams once it goes live?

I would not trade at once. We have seen it many times that tokens are sold at a much higher price from the first moment, and then a few weeks later, it starts falling. Of course, it is hard to foresee what will take place in the crypto market. If Bitcoin suddenly would start to moon towards 20k, then one would expect most other currencies to follow. But, if the market stagnates, then I expect the price of the Grams to fall quite quickly after it has turned tradeable.

Do you have any thoughts about the TON blockchain, the Gram tokens, or Telegram itself? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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