Advantages and disadvantages of Telegram, Whatsaap and Line

in #telegram2 years ago

Hello the steemans all over the world


The most popular Chatting app is still held by WhatsApp


Chat application that has the best sharing platform is Telegram. By applying Cloud Platform of course this application will sting lightly. And open every possibility to share data with various platforms, even to the limit of sharing a video with a capacity of 1 GB


Chat application by utilizing Group Chat is dominated by telegram that can accommodate 5000 member at a time, whatsapp still 256 people. Line diangka 200 people. Well if you want to wake up the chat group for business already know which chatting application you are using :)

The steemians must also have used the 3 applications, to share, share knowledge, share knowledge, and help each other


Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas, comments related to the topic will be ...


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