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I had really good experience using this app. I used almost more than 10 months without any trouble. But, unfortunately now i can't login into my account. Whenever i tried to login this app is showing an information like "App not setup: This app is still in development mood & you don't have access to it.". What can i do now? Can you guys please help me to recover my account? I would be really greatful to you if you guys help me to solve this problem.
I have been using Open Talk FM. And I was really loving it . Probably , it is one of the best platform to learn english . But now as i go for solo talk , it shows , Feature is not currently available . I tried many times and I even logged in with a different no. But it still shows ' feature is not available . Due to which I have to opt for different platforms. Could you probably correct that issue ? So, that I could use that app again.



This post has received a 51.25 % upvote from @boomerang.

This post has received a 51.25 % upvote from @boomerang.

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