'Next Level' Virtual Reality Computer Game - Zero Caliber! Will 'Dropouts' From Future Generations Literally Drop In To A Virtual Reality & Waste Away?

in technology •  2 months ago

As I discussed recently, the new generation of computer graphics hardware is a huge step up in realism. On top of that we now have Virtual Reality games that are dramatically changing the gaming landscape.. What does this mean?

There are many who have succumbed to using drugs to escape lives that they think they cannot improve - the lure of alternate perceptions and realities can be so attractive that people lose felt connection to Earth and to their own feelings and will. While psychedelics and sacred plants can absolutely fulfill a useful role in human evolution of consciousness when used with respect and with the right intentions, they can truly also play a part in increasing denial if we are not careful. Computer games, in their ever increasing level of realism, now pose a similar threat!

I have played computer games since I was 4 years old, 36 years ago - that's a huge evolution to witness. There were times when I would get totally absorbed in games for days - even when the graphics were crappy compared to today's multimedia extravaganzas. I am actually concerned for future generations now that I have seen where this is going in the near future/present.

Take a look at this video demo from a new Virtual Reality 'first person shooter' game called Zero Caliber. You are watching what someone is seeing as they play in virtual reality, the head movements, hand movements and basically all of it are the result of their own physical body moving - they are not using a gamepad.

Pretty damned realistic!

Now look at the graphics from the latest generation of Nvidia's RTX graphics cards - so new that no games currently make use of it all - for now:

And a Star Wars Demo:

Now Imagine the combination of these two technologies - which is really just a few weeks away!

Those with enough money will literally be able to step into totally realistic alternate realities while disconnecting from the real and felt Earth. Do we understand what this will do to our energy systems? To our emotional body?

Our emotional bodies are typically already heavily denied and overpowered - I do not think that owning such technology will ultimately prove to be a good choice.

At the same time though I am still interested to try it out! However, just like trying a drug - I will do it with the utmost caution and awareness of what I am getting involved with. I like to stretch my limits and learn what is beyond them - if only so that I can be sure I am making good decisions in my life later on.

Do you think that the following image is a feasible future destiny for some in society? Or am I overly concerned?

social disconnect

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I do fear this, it is disassociating us even more from what we need to be closer to. Each other. Everything in nature.

I cannot stop the future though. All I can do is try and raise my children with as much love and appreciation for the 'real things' in life as possible and hope for the best.


Thankfully there are some in our world who have retained the natural ways of the Earth and the Heart - we just need to have a wider recognition of this and the need to integrate such wisdom before it is too late. <3

The overload on our senses continues. Given the way they have been perfecting making everything addictive (including internet) this is a logical step as they isolate us from the real world, creating scenarios where the masses willingly want what they offer next.


It does seem that way, yes. Even when we create technology 'just for fun' in a truly innocent way, the corporate domination of things has led to a reality where it can all be subverted and weaponised against consciousness for the continuation of the enslavement process that has been underway for aeons.

The flipside is that truly, every moment is an opportunity for enlightenment - we simply need to make sure we strengthen our connection to our planet and each other.

Do you think that the following image is a feasible future destiny for some in society?

I don't think that is even a question anymore. Hikikomori is a first version of this very real phenomenon.
Very recently they released the first episode of Sword Art Online (SAO) III. IMHO worthwhile watching what scenarios are being fed to children here.
Otherland by Tad Williams is a book series end of 90s which lot of teenagers have red or heard. And a lot was produced since then.

This scenario emerging into a virtual world or "uploading your consciousness" is easy to be found in literature, film and similar entertaining media and the kids cheer for it (one can read a comment section of a SAO youtube video and find enough evidence; there also was a gun/ego shooter part with Gun Gale online).

Definitely it will come on a wider scale, as will come on a wider scale merging with manufactured body parts. Or communicating directly via thinking and other interfaces for the brain which link to computers.

Recently I've asked myself: Will in the future history as a concept cease to exist for the most of mankind?

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