Unboxing Three Mysterious Packages!?

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Hello ladies and gents,

I promised a nice unboxing yesterday and as you probably know by now, I always try to keep my word. What did I get you ask? Let me start with the minor things. Or wait...Let me start with the view of the intact boxes first. Da-Da!!!!!!!!!


Truth be told, for the one parcel in the middle I didn't have to pay as it was a gift from a boxing company we worked together in the past. It was really kind of them to send me this awesome Rocky Marciano baseball cap!


In case you don't know who Rocky Marciano is, learn that he's the only undefeated heavyweight champion in boxing history (in the specific weight division, where one shot can literally end everything pretty quickly) with a perfect record 49-0. He's also the man from whom the Rocky films got their name.


Next, I got me a perfume. You know my love for perfumes, so I had to add in my collection this masterpiece by Givenchy. As you see the name of the perfume is inspired by the ancient Greek letter Π and Neo, the character from The Matrix films. Smells GREAT too!


Next, I got me a new keyboard with backlight technology for the cold, dark nights of the winter that are coming ;)


For the end, I kept the most expensive and fancy of them all. My current (soon to be former) smartphone was an EXCELLENT phone. It's the epic Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus which cost a small fortune when I got it back in September of 2016. Despite taking care of it like a baby (alright, I am exaggerating a tiny bit) the phone started giving me problems lately with its keyboard and its battery.

When I asked how much it would cost me to replace both of them and the technician told me the price I was like, "Fock no! I better buy a new phone with this kind of money." So, after doing mad research for a few weeks it came down to three smartphones: Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, Huawei P20 Pro and Xiaomi mi 8.

Surprisingly, I was equally impressed by the reviews and videos on YouTube of all three. In such cases I always do this: I go to the store and I see them all live; whichever I fancy first, I go for it. Just like we did with girls back in high-school parties really.

This was the case with Xiaomi mi 8. Despite both Samsung and Huawei being in theory the better and more expensive phones (both were at 750 Euros while the Xiaomi 128 GB model that I got was at 620E), Xiaomi mi 8 was faster, had a wider screen with INCREDIBLE image resolution and colours, felt lighter and was simply better overall. The seller insisted that Huawei P20 Pro is the better phone of the three because of the fantastic photos it takes, but Xiaomi's camera is freaking amazing too IMO!

Long story short, I ended up with this guy right here....




Truth is that I didn't have the time to set the record straight and use it yet, as I am so busy working on an article for Ars Technica at the moment, plus editing for American Express (September Issue) and History Collection, plus joining Steemit again blah blah. I will soon though and I promise to update you about this amazing phone. I can't wait to take photos with it!!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the unboxing! See you soon loves :)))))))))


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Just like X-mas only better cause you buy for yourself!


Exactly ;)

Πάντα τέτοια φίλε μου Θοδωρή !!!
Καλορίζικα τα δωράκια σου και να τα χαρείς στο "έπακρο"...!!!


Ευχαριστώ πάρα πολύ George :))))

It is very nice to unpack, especially when you have a surprise inside. I think you have chosen the phone well, my family uses these phones (older models) and we are very pleased. I am convinced that the perfume is of great quality, I do not know how it smells but I am an admirer Givenchy, I know more about women's fragrances because my wife is a great consumer.


Both the perfume and phone are amazing really. Thank you very much for the nice comment :))))))


With pleasure!

Μεγεια :)


Ευχαριστώ πολύ Ηλία, να είσαι καλά bro :)

Looks like Xmas came early for you:)
Lovely phone by the way.