Sony is making a profit again

in #technology2 months ago


Xperia is one of the products from Sony where this cellphone is of course widely used by people but in recent years it has experienced a decline in sales because of that they even had time to harm and also could not improve their sales performance because they lost to some of its competitors.

Regarding the quality, of course the Sony Xperia is very good, even the camera has been recognized by many people very well even though like that they still experience a decline because they lose to big brands like Samsung and several other brands?

but this year there was a change in which Sony managed to make their profit and of course it was one of the very good performances of Sony mobile phone sales where it was stated that their company also did not expect to be able to achieve such revenue this year but that's what happened and they have now made a fortune and even reported that they will soon be publishing their latest cellphone on the market