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Kontrola dostępu (Access Control) helps keeping unwanted people out of a building and/or limit who has the ability to go where and when. While traditionally access control referred mainly to locks and gates, in recent years, it has come to include a wide variety of technologies such as keypads, biometrics, smart cards and computer systems. 

What is access control? Why do I need it in my office? How will it help keep my premises secure? These and other questions will be discussed in this article, which is all about choosing, implementing and deploying systems for access 

1. What is Access Control?

Wikipedia defines access control as the ability to permit or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity. However, there are many kinds of access control and many different systems available for implementing access control. Every business has its own needs and requirements, and therefore when looking to put in an Kontrola dostępu system for your business, you should talk to an acknowledged expert of access control such as PTC Security Systems.

2. Why is Access Control Important?

Today, companies need physical access control in the normal operation of their business, in order to ensure that only authorized people can enter their premises. Access control is a form of security, and without it, most businesses would not be able to protect their valuable goods, premises, staff and information.

3. How will Kontrola dostępu Help Business to Stay Secure?

Access Control if done properly, will only allow people that are authorised to enter your business premises (either during or after hours) to access your business resources, stock or information. Different levels of access may be granted depending on who the person is and what they have been allowed to access.

Finding the access control company that suits your needs

There are many providers of such systems, but you should seek the help of an expert. Like PTC Security Systems is among the best rated company for access control installation in Poland because of their expertise and wide range of access control products and services, including annual inspections, back to base monitoring and vast experience in installing and servicing access control systems in Poland.

Other functions of Kontrola dostępu system

Visitor Management Systems

Access control and perimeter security usually include a visitor management system which provides a way to register, badge, track and manage a facility's visitor traffic.

Door Controllers

Proximity readers and control systems integrated into a door controller unit are commonly also part of a buildings access control plan. Their installation and use is quick and easy, their application is very flexible.

Access control systems are increasingly becoming more affordable for companies of all sizes and will continue to grow in importance as a core to broader security systems.

Innovation and functionality are key to success 

When thinking about security in your business, you do not just focus on checking in and out of the building. Equally important is the time spent in a given room. Information on who and in what time he tried to get to the place where he should not host. 

An access control system that controls only entry and exit to the room is definitely not enough. Each of your employees owns different powers, works at different times and the company visits customers and partners. Controlling the movement of the body around the subject seems complicated. 

Kontrola dostępu by PTC Surity Systems

Kontrola dostępu by PTC Surity Systems include integration with the fire system, automatic generation of attendance records in case of an emergency, and alerts for events that should not take place, which may be an unauthorized opening of the door. Our solution is a modern and multi-dimensional access control system.

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