What to Consider when Buying Wireless Earphones?

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 What to consider when buying wireless earphones? When deciding what wireless earbuds you should buy there are a lot of things to consider. Things that you usually didn’t have to consider before when using wired earphones. Some people don’t consider these features and it can come back to bit them in the butt. So below I will talk about everything from the things most people think of like sound quality to connection quality which is often not thought about. 

What’s the audio quality? 

Sound is one of the most important qualities in any headphones and with wireless it is of course no different. People often think them being wireless can make the connection worse and this is usually not the case. Of course, you will get products that will not perform well but that’s more the fault of the designers and engineers than the fact that they are wireless. 

How good is the connection and is it consistent? 

Some cheaper Bluetooth earbuds can constantly have connection problems that cause them to stutter and have issues but that’s product dependent and with most quality earbuds like Bose for example you wouldn’t know they are wireless because of how perfectly they function. 

Is the battery life good and what about charging?

Charging batteries can be a nuisance sometimes so having access to a battery that lasts longer and can be charged quickly is important. Even some newer headphones have the similar functionality as some modern phones where you can quickly charge from 0 to 25% in literally 5-10 minutes and this makes the battery problem much less of an annoyance. 

How can you wear them and are they comfortable? 

There are many designs that are available and they all offer their own pros and cons. Though for me personally I tend to like the ones with the neckband design. It stops the pressure from building up on the ears. It also allows for a bigger battery which is also an advantage. 

Do they stay in place even when exercising? 

Similar to the comfort - it’s how well they are designed and stay in the ear. For example the Apple Airpods have been criticized a lot because when they fall out they can become broken or lost and this isn’t good especially if you are regular fitness fanatic. So, it’s important to take that into consideration.  Hopefully this will help you in making a better decision when choosing your next set of earphones!       

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