NAS Build 2019 Step 2 - First parts delivery

in technology •  9 months ago 

A new update on the NAS I am building.

As mentioned in my last update, I am building a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device with 60 TB of storage, a spare hard drive, and dual Xeon processors for under $1,700.

Some of the parts have arrived, not enough to make much progress, but I am able to replace the fans and show off some of the parts that have arrived so far.














SSD Boot Drives


Thermal Compound


CPU Coolers




Drive slides


Next post I will go over the fan replacement and setup for the case.

NAS 2019 Build Series

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Cool, but I need instructions on how to make a rocket ship. Thx.

Here you go

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Very nice! Looks like it is going to be an awesome project. Under the $1700 price point is really attractive too. I have been thinking about integrating one of these into my environment, but my users just don't store that much data on the server anymore. It is just a couple of individual use cases...

You can cut the price on drives in half going with 2TB Seagate SAS drives. You can get them for about $25 each.

You also don't have to fill up the case, and if you have no plans on getting anywhere near 15 drives, you can just go with a medium or full tower like the Fractal Design R5/R6.

Thanks for the tip! My file server has a max capacity of only 600 GB and it took my users about three years to finally fill that up. A lot of our stuff happens in the cloud these days. We are relatively small too.

You could just go with two 10TB drives for $169 each (shucked drive from Best Buy) and do Raid 1. Don't need to get more complex than that.

This is the lowest these drives have been, and they have a WD Red/White inside if you "shuck it" (pull the drive out of the external enclosure).

Very cool! I am lucky and I get education pricing. I might have to dig into this a little deeper.

A video on shucking an 8TB Easy Store Drive

Should be similar for most of the Easy Store Drives.

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Image Source:   Ruben de Rijcke - [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Wow! That is pretty neat looking! Nothing like building something yourself. Gives one a sense of satisfaction.

I remember my first desktop I bought to use in college, an old i386 which ran over $ 1,000 USD back in the day (1992). I don't remember exactly how much I paid, but it was expensive!

I know just enough about computer hardware to blow myself up.

Nice keyboard! I still have an IBM model M. I have it connected to my main machine and in fact I am using it right now.

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My sister's husband passed away some months ago and I have been helping clean out her garage. Wires, peripherals, old printers, ancient computers... can't give the stuff away. We have been making headway though.

I did buy one of the computers from her. It is a Dell XPS with 32 GB RAM, 2TB HD, and one of them fancy GPUs. Her husband did a great deal of Computer Aided Design (CAD). Sister wanted to give it to me, but I would not have felt right. It is a very nice computer.

I am going to try to sell some modern RAM modules for her, maybe I can use one of the STEEM selling DAPPS. Craigslist here is a waste of time.

Wow, sounds like quite the haul. If you find an IBM model M hold onto it. They are pretty vintage and people love them because of the mechanical keys. There is a decent business in refurbishing them and reselling them. The only downside is most of them are PS/2 or the older style connector and they weigh like 30 lbs.

One of the guys from my Legion post who is a scrapper came and took all the older stuff. Trying to get the house on the market by March and just trying to clean it out.

Some of the newer stuff I have put to the side (e.g., modern ram modules, ethernet cables, hubs, cams, etc.). Just didn't have the time or knowledge to rehab some of the older stuff, but thank you so much for the advice!

lol i had a Comodore which looks similar to this picture you send :D

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stop spamming my replies...

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Stop Spamming anywhere....

i would happy to catch such an old Stuff... i love it to plant new stuff in this old looking PC´s to make some special UPGRADES ... its so crazy when you build this way... it dont need always BLING ( RGB ) its much more fun to build a actual hardware in such an old case and run nice games on it :)=

Sounds like that would be a great project!

I do often such crazy projects... smile

Last year i took an old TV CHAIR
( something like this
(C) pic CASAMIA living rooms

and paced a Subwoofersystem into it so my mate had a big supriose when he started to play on it ;) smiles...

A lot of old stuff can be get biug surprioses when you take some time to upgrade em.. we need to gop back to upgrade stuff and stop to throw em all away... often filling stuff and some fabric and glue helps to refurbish a old thingy and create a whole new thing out of it...

Maybe im really too old school for this actual life... but maybe my grandparents made an awesome job to show me how to drive with less a huge thing!!

Dear @themarkymark, i just made a post promoting your service social.usesteem, but it seems doesn't work now, something went wrong with it?

I just took it down, it wasn't being used much and it was more of an experiment. The volume was extremely low, even though around 100 users signed up, there were only about 5 interactions a week. Not enough to justify it.

It's a pity, my post is a fake news...:(((

I noticed the post, just bad timing. I tried to give it about a month, but it really never caught on.

Sorry about that.

Remember, if you have to lift it high, it might be a good idea to only install the hard drives after it's in the rack.

yeah, but unfortunately they are not hot swap, so it isn't possible to do that. I'm going to have to install them all ahead of time.

They're not hot swap? HARSH! Bend from the knees. :P

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