Free NAS Storage Pods if you live in Sacramento

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This is pretty cool and I wish I was nearby. Backblaze, is offering a bunch of their Storage Pods for free to anyone who can pick them up in Sacramento.

Backblaze has created its own unique storage system that works amazingly well for its business. They purchase a ridiculous amount of hard drives on a yearly basis and offers some very interesting and transparency data about their performance. I look forward to their yearly hardware breakdown report.

Pickup Event Information:

Date: Friday, June 28th, 2019
Time: 10:00am PST-5:00pm PST
Place: 11085 Sun Center Dr., Rancho Cordova CA, 95670

One storage pod can hold 45 drives and typically is configured for 180 TB of storage. I highly recommend checking out the breakdown of their newer storage pods even if you have no plans on trying to get a few of these from them. It is a really cool design if you are into hardware.


I love how transparent Backblaze is and how they go out of their way to detail their work. In fact, you can find the full plans to make your own storage pod just like theirs. Although it isn't cheap, it is a really cool project.

Backblaze pays around $8,733.73 per storage pod (version 6.0) and you can build one yourself for around $10,398.57. There is a company that builds a clone that charges a 25% premium to build them very similar to how Backblaze builds them and would cost you $12,849.

While Storage pod 2.0 and 3.0 (the ones they are giving away free) are dated, they are still pretty cool technology and very unique.

If someone does manage to snag some of these, I'd love to see what you do with them. If this sort of thing interests you and you can't get out there, I highly recommend checking out my NAS Series where I build a Dual Quad Xeon 2.9GHz 64GB RAM 60TB 17 Disk Raid System for around $1,700 USD.

All images are from Backblaze website

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Woah I used to live in that city. I would never move back, but these things are kind of cool.

You said 45 disks per pod, but I count 60 disks on the image! Is it 4U size?... not bad if so... The enterprise model of the IBM ESS that I manage everyday has 84 disks per 4U! But I mean, there is literally no space for air to pass, being most of it forced through tiny fissures.

Would love to have access to one... But it will be probably more than 200USD just to ship that to NZ...


The newer pods (6.0) are 60 drives 480Tb.

Check out my NAS series post I use 4Tb enterprise SAS drives.

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Ah.. ok now it made sense. I have the same cases you had, but configured only for 15 disks.


The case is only made for 15 disks but I have two ssd drives velcro on the side.

Oh nice ones. Unfortunately I also don’t live nearby 😅. Looks like they offer much space for data 👍

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yeah i've always loved their ethos and the fact they built their own box, the story about them going to local stores for drives was a trip too, you should dig that out and give it a read.