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I've posted previously about my experiments with home automation. I recently bought some Ikea smart lights that I hoped to integrate into my system, but I had some getting them to work with the Home Assistant software I have running on a Raspberry Pi. Well, I just upgraded the Home Assistant software and now it works! Any lights I add appear in the web user interface and I can turn them on and off. Unlike my ancient X10 lights you can see the current status of the light.


I'm holding one of the Ikea remote controls. You can see icons for them that show the battery status. It lets you change brightness and colour temperature. On the right is my Google Chromecast. You can trigger automations when you play something, but I've not done anything with that yet.

All is not ideal though. The PIR sensors I have to activate the lights are firing randomly. I don't think it's the sensors themselves, but there may be an issue with how they interface to the Pi. I may have to look at getting some better sensors.

Programming automations in Home Assistant is not trivial. You have to use their special scripting files and it's not like any other programming system I've used. I need to study it some more if I'm to get things working as I'd like. They do have an active forum, so I can ask for help there.

Home automation is not for everyone. It's hard to set up and difficult to fix when it goes wrong. The last thing I want is to leave my family in the dark.

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Eventually every house hold item will be connected to the internet

Ooooo........ that sounds like fun!

Too late for this Christmas, but my birthday is coming up :-)

I'll show this to my wife and drop some big hints hehehe

This looks interesting and futuristic, but I think I'd rather deal with the old-fashioned wall-mounted light switch than with all of this. But I actually understand why you find it interesting. I'm sure you're figure it out.


It's not essential, but it's about convenience. I like playing with the technology


Oh, I know ;) I was just thinking whether it's worth it learning a new way to code to make it work. But I'm sure you are also enjoying the whole process as well. To be honest, my boyfriend here at home is exactly the same :D

An extreme case of home automization in science fiction can be seen in one episode of Black Mirror series, I believe it’s called the white Christmas special or something like that.

In that episode a chip was implanted on the brain of the client, scanning all the information like tastes, likes, etc...

After the process was finished, a virtual human was created which job was to manage all of the household items just like the owner wanted. This virtual human was in fact, the exactly same owner, like a virtual clone, condemned to a life of eternal slavery serving its original “real” form as a virtual assistant.

And of course, the initial shock when this virtual human realizes it’s just a digital clone is tremendous...

As I said, a extreme case of home automatization.


I've not seen that one. It's tempting to come up with grim scenarios. We have to stay in control


I highly recommend you that series, every episode is a different story and the main theme is about consequences of futuristic technologies.

Very entertaining!

Is this control by the romote they are showing . amazed !!!!


That's just to control one light. The software can control many more. It's very powerful and free to use.

See I am nowhere near wanting to use something like that, we have to many power outages.


Well maybe there is battery technology that could help you. There should be something for everyone