Jamming with the Raspberry Pi

in technology •  11 months ago

I attended a meeting of Cambridge Raspberry Jam today. It's a group who like playing around with the Raspberry Pi computers. These are tiny computers that are really cheap and can be used for all sorts of projects. It's easy to connect all sorts of electronics to them.

The venue was the upstairs room at a pub. It was pretty crowded in there. There were robots, gaming machines, music making and gadget programming going on. It was good to see a healthy female presence. These things can be very male generally.


It was a nice old pub with a good range of beers, but I was driving. It's down some twisty lanes, so you need your wits about you.


There were some systems set up for people to play with with worksheets to guide you.


Lots of robots. Some of these were for the Pi Wars competition that involves various challenges. Apparently one of the Robot Wars team was around. Some involve computer vision where the robots have to find coloured targets. Someone was running Sonic Pi that allows you to create music by writing programs. I learned that you can run a second screen from a Pi using the GPIO pins. That could be handy for some.


Refreshments were provided in the form of both mince pies and raspberry pies! Very tasty, but they were really hot initially.


It was a fun little event. Good to see lots of kids exploring the technology. I wish I'd had this when I was young.

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.

I'll buy guitar picks for Steem Dollars

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Raspberry Pi's are some seriously handy gadgets i hear that Arduino is also very good


There were some Arduinos there too. I've not got into that yet

Looks like a pretty fun time. Not sure I would have been able to do much up there since I've never messed around with a raspberry pi, but I would like to see the robots fighting! I've also never had mince pies, but I bet they are good :)


These things are so cheap that it's worth getting one to play with. There are lots of projects on-line to try. These robots were not fighting. It's more about problem solving. Robot Wars is cool, but you need some serious hardware and I bet it gets expensive. Must be sad to see your robot get destroyed


if my robot doesn't win it isn't fit to survive!!! :)


You can always make it better

looks like a super fun day - i love me some raspberry pi action.

I really want a meeting like this, in a old beautiful pub like that, also here!!! ^_^ I've never heard before about Raspberry Pi, just about the Arduino, but I have to say that it looks like a great jamming there! :D


I'm sure it must be possible to buy the Pi in Italy too. If you search you will find some amazing projects out there.

Long as you are happy forever

great tecnology,very good job, thanks sharing


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It's an amazing story.

I, on a good, envy you.

I, too, would like to be in that pub.

Digital technology will change the world.


Not that amazing really :)

Thanks for sharing your fun time in Raspberry jam event.. @steevc


Don't just say 'thanks for sharing'. Say what you really think or ask a question to start a discussion. Sorry, but I get too many bland comments

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