Roberto Hroval - One Man's Investment in Future of Mankind

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Many of you might already be familiar with this famous personality, Roberto Hroval. Those who are not, might be wondering what makes this person so special.

Well, just like many others, Roberto Hroval is also an entrepreneur. But it is not because of this that he is famous. It is because of the work he does, and the struggle it took him to reach this level. For starters, he is the founder of PatentReal Corporation, a technology company that works for the betterment of Earth and Mankind. Before we talk about Roberto Hroval, let's have a look into his company profile and what it does.

PatentReal Corporation

The major goal of this company is to provide a positive environment and energy for people to live. It invests its resources into such technologies, that help people accelerate their growth and evolve mankind. PatentReal Corporation has undertaken numerous innovative projects that work on the similar motive and aids growth of this world.

Let's have a look at some popular projects of this company.

Project Phoenix8

What do you think are the major problems that are leading to the destruction of earth and humankind?

  1. Excess Garbage
  2. Exploitation of Earth

And this Product Reincarnation Technology (TM) project deals with these 2 problems itself. In this Project Phoenix8, the given technology converts the worn out or garbage products into fuel and electricity. Shocking right? Not just this, the technology can even convert this garbage into brand new products. What else do you need to save earth?

Flying Transportation Vehicle Project

The future shown in movies is not far away. This company is working on a project of air vehicle, which will work on the principle of implosion. With traffic increasing day by day, air vehicles are the only resort to this ever increasing exploitation of earth.

There are many more interesting and futuristic projects of this company, which makes it one of the most progressing companies in this world. You can have a look at more of such projects on the website itself.

Roberto Hroval

Roberto Hroval_ founder 3 cut.jpg

Let's now talk about the one man army behind this amazing corporation, Roberto Hroval. As we read before, he is the founder of this company. But what goes behind his struggle is not known to many.

Right since the age of 5, he has been a boy who is fearless with lots of crazy ideas and took risks as much as possible. His innovative mind always led him to make extra ordinary things from very common things found at home. Just at the age of 10, he was successful in making a full fledged small car for 2 people, that could run on the road.

By the age of 15, he started his first business, to develop top class hi-fi amplifiers, which are running successfully even today, 30 years later. This was his philosophy - to keep working on something until and unless you achieve the highest quality. This led him to multiple successes in his life.

After this, he continued exploring multiple business lines, but kept on shutting them due to lack of innovation. This was until he came across this idea of PatentReal Corporation. He took various innovative projects and brought them together under the umbrella company to supervise them properly.

This was a short and sweet, yet struggle full story of Roberto Hroval. Hope we get many more Roberto Hrovals in this life, so that Earth becomes peaceful and green planet again.

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