Introducing The Newest Laptop Model, Microsoft Surface Go2

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Just would want to share to you the most updated laptop and it's Microsoft Surface Go 2 and it is 10.5" Touch Screen Intel Pentium at the same time. It has 4 GB Memory- 64 GB Wifi-Platinum as well. Let me give you a short description of this laptop and it is a Microsoft brand, has wireless connection that uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and then it's operating system is Windows 10 Home with a silver color guys. So if you are looking for a good quality laptop so you can choose this one. Microsoft Surface Go 2 has a long life battery it can last up to 10 hrs. and you can use as a laptop or a tablet guys.

With Surface Go 2, you can write, sketch there. You can make notes, do homework, make your own presentations and send emails as well. You can have fun because you can read eBooks, browse through the web and stream videos guys. One advantage of this guys is it is safe and secure because it has screentime limits, spending control and content filtering which means it has a bigger space for photos, videos and music as well. It is nice to have a laptop so that you can be work-smart and you can carry your laptop anywhere and can work anytime. It has a studio feature which it has an adjustable kickstand and you can be creative then do drawing, sketching and coloring with Surface G as well. You have a Surface pen and a surface mobile mouse too.


• 1.2 pounds weight w/ 10.5" touchscreen
• 4GB/ 64GB, Wifi
• with a standing screen display size of 10.51 inches
• has a maximum screen resolution 1920×1280 Pixels
• has an integrated card
• has a wireless type of Bluetooth, 802.11 ax
• has a number of 1 for USB 3.0 ports
• has an item weight of 1.2 pounds
• has a product dimensions of 7.81x10.61x1.83 inches
• has an item dimensions for it's LxWxH that is 7.81x10.61x1.83 inches, flash memory size 64GB and batteries 1 is lithium ion
• with a silver color
•processor is Intel required


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I am particular of laptop brands as well guys that's why I recommend you this one because it has a very good brand as well.

Here is a short video for you. I hope you like it.

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