Is Telepathy The Future of Human Communication?

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We've never made so much progress in communication (among other areas) than the last three decades. The advent of internet into the mainstream, the smartphone, wireless communication technology and a plethora of other tech advancements have really made it possible to communicate with anyone in the world instantly.

Communication, as we know, is something of an innate human need. We feel the need to express our thoughts, feelings and ideas to our fellow human beings and it is important that the different mediums we use, serve that need efficiently and effectively.

In the modern times, the way we communicate had drastically changed and has become more intimate in a way. One single emoji can communicate a paragraph worth of words, in a fraction of time. Can technology make communication even more personal in the future?

The Age of Telepathy


When you hear the word "telepathy", our thoughts generally wander towards the realm of the supernatural. But I guess, a century ago, being able to see each other live on a handheld device would have seemed supernatural as well.

Technological advancements really do make the seemingly impossible, possible. And a day might come where we will be casually talking to each other telepathically and might even take it for granted like we do with our current devices.

It is not even too far-fetched to think about really. A device would need to convert our thoughts into digital information, transfer that to the other person's device, convert it back to thoughts. This device would likely be an implant in our brains, which sounds scary and a strict no-no at the moment but might very well be the norm in the more distant future.

Already there are researches being carried where scientists are trying to translate our thoughts into speech. They have even made groundbreaking progress in this area. So, in my opinion, within our lifetime, we could definitely be using some telepathic tech. How cool would that be!

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But I guess, a century ago, being able to see each other live on a handheld device would have seemed supernatural as well.

Dick Tracy Comic, from quick search: The strip made its debut on October 14, 1931, in the Detroit Mirror. He had a wrist watch that had a screen, so we may have to start thinking two centuries ago now.

I for one would not like to see telepathy ever come to fruition. There are so many people easily controlled with the current technology we have that giving those in power, or wanna be in power, people another tool to make it easy on them does not sound like a good Idea to me.


Yeah, telepathic communication would be scary if someone hacked into it. Imagine hearing voices in your head and you just don't whom they belong to! One might think they are going crazy.


Imagine hearing voices in your head and you just don't whom they belong to!

I would suggest you not do a search for:
Paranormal State "talking" billboards

Reality can bite sometimes.

It is interesting but very dangerous - you will agree to implant yourself something in what could be a virus and so on ....?
I think it will be similar but without implanting an IT product into the brains))


No - it will not be very soon - we have about 100 years ))

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Well this will be my first time of hearing about the telepathy stuff like that. But reading this, it will be pretty interesting to see how it will be used in the future. Our thought to speech. How will that be possible


Technology makes seemingly impossible things possible. I think this will become possible too.

I just know about the Telepathy a little before reading your post, it's make really surprised, just thinking about the matter how it's possible!!


Yeah, it sure will surprise us when it happens.

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