How Technology Helps Us Shatter Our Biological Limitations

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We humans have been able to achieve some really great things if you think about it which was all a result of our intelligence. Nature has truly given us a gift that keeps on giving.

It is such a great gift that it even allows us to surpass our biological limitations, something that no other species on the planet is capable of doing. If you're questioning how that is possible, let me direct your attention towards some of the ways we did it.

As humans, we are unable to fly. But looking at birds and being inspired by that, we built airplanes and now at any given time, there are millions of humans essentially flying inside of airplanes. Also, we cannot run very fast. But we built cars that allow us to reach insane speeds.

Technology has allowed us to do things we never imagined we could do. It is helping us continuously break one barrier after the other. It is intriguing to think about what glass ceiling we will possibly break next.

Limitations No More

Pretty soon, we are going to be venturing into a reality which will seem totally like a science fiction movie. If you really think about it, the times we live in and the capabilities that the average person has today, already make it seem like we are living futuristic lives. As such, it is quite hard to think what could possibly come next.

Well, it might sound bizarre but the next limitation we'll break might be our own intelligence. The very thing that allowed us to break our limitations is bound to get an upgrade sooner or later. Merging with some form of AI will greatly enhance our mental prowess and allow us to be super intelligent.

Also, our biological parts and organs fail or get damaged all the time. This is a severe limitation that even causes death of millions of people worldwide. By adopting artificial parts and organs, we will do away with all that and essentially become semi-cyborgs. The same tech could also be used to enhance our other capabilities or give us new ones, like jumping really high for example. The sky will be the limit in such a world.

Moving beyond just our body, we will also rapidly develop state of the art technologies that will allow us to travel deeper into space and for longer periods of time. Slowly, we will colonise other planets and moons and would have broken through even cosmis limitations! The human race sure is a formidable race and it excites me to think about all that we will achieve in the coming centuries.


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