Adobe Voco Photshop for Speech that Can Mimic Your Voice - Kind of Scary

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Computer generated speech already exists, we have Siri, Watson and thousands of other voice changer apps! But with this software, you actually mimic someone's voice to say something they never said. Adobe Voco can now do to speech what it does to images.  All you need is about 20 minutes of someone talking and the Voco program can make an audio file of the person saying something that sounds like the real thing.  Sure, this program is cool if you are an audio and video editor but not so great for everyone else!  Adobe says they will watermark the audio files to prevent misuse but with all the smart hackers and crackers out there I'm pretty sure people will find a way around this. Even Google has an app to compete with Adobe called WaveNet. 


The dangers extend beyond people being tricked into thinking someone said something they did not. Even though this is scary by itself and I am sure those three letter alphabet agencies are already using it to entrap people but that's a different story! 

A lot of Banks and other businesses are already using voice to verify who their customers are when they phone in. What do you guys think of this program?  I personally don't like it but with anything, I just have to hope they put tight restrictions on so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.  Sometimes I wonder in awe at how far we have come in the Tech field and where we are going with it.  Especially, when I think about where technology will be when my son is my age! 




Here is a short clip of the software in action manipulating someone's voice and putting words in their mouth!

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And if you thought Adobe Voco was cool, check this out…


yes well there you are, thats pretty crazy eh ? great video @ghostocode )


I would make a Lynchian feature-film with all this software.


Wow thanks for sharing that video @ghostcode
I guess nothing really surprises me today. It's a crazy world we live in🌞


Apart from the creative aspects, this is going to get a lot of people into a lot trouble. Maybe even used for false arrests, imprisonment and public humiliation to destroy a targets life.

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This is interesting!

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Dam this is crazy thanks for sharing this info.


Yeah it's kinda freaky!

This will definitely be used maliciously. Another interesting thing is that as it becomes more widely used, anyone can say "Oh I never said that, must have been that voice machine". Ultimate cover for politicians.


I agree.

You're right, there are potential risks, but this is still a pretty neat tech. I wouldn't have any particular use for it however.



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That is crazy, tech like this has both good and evil uses. I don't doubt that everything in already being recorded.


I agree. Thanks for sharing🌞

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Great post @roadtowisdom


Thank you

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Wow thats funny, i saw this awhile ago and was planning on doing a post myself on this very subject !! I agree very scary and I am pretty sure this technology has been used for negative purposes already ! You saw " Gladiator " with Oliver Reed dying and needing him to finish the film i am sure they used it to bring him back from the dead !!lolm so they could kill somebody and keep him alive for their purposes on our screens, nobody would be the wiser !! Food for thought, upvoted @wishmaiden )


Yes, I know for a fact the CIA has used similar tech to morph people's voice. I remember seeing a documentary on it way before this software. Thanks for sharing 🌞

Excellent for animations! and from youtube…

This is going to get horribly abused.
Yeah, this will not be abused. Not at all :D
Let's make this world full of LIES!
This is gonna be horrible from a legal standpoint.
I can't wait to horribly abuse this.
This is going to get a lot of people divorced.
Now we can bring back our lord saviour Adolf Hitler.





wow i didn't hesitate to up-vote ur post i love this am jumping on this one.Many thanks again n kindly follow me & up-vote for me to.....