# 148: Science Highlights Daily | 2019-01-04

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This is a curated articles about the latest discoveries in science and interesting articles tackling technology and society.

A cosmic collision may be coming for our galaxy sooner than we thought: Leah Crane

The nearby Large Magellanic Cloud may be on a collision course with the Milky Way - and it could make our galaxy less strange when they smash in 2 billion years

Fixing a flaw in photosynthesis could massively boost food production: Michael Le Page

Compensating for a fundamental flaw in photosynthesis boosts biomass in tobacco by up to 40 per cent – next up are food crops

Genome sequencing reveals disease risk in otherwise healthy babies: Chelsea Whyte

Sequencing the genomes of healthy newborns has helped identify genetic mutations that can result in childhood-onset diseases

Bereaved people unconsciously suppress thoughts of lost loved ones: Clare Wilson

Brain scanning has revealed that grieving people can actively suppress thoughts of a dead relative without realising that they are doing it

First photo of Chinese Yutu-2 rover exploring far side of the moon: Leah Crane

On 3 January, the Chinese lander Chang’e 4 became the first spacecraft ever to land on the far side of the moon, and it has just rolled out its rover, Yutu-2

Fetal sharks may look for food by swimming around inside their mothers: Yvaine Ye

Tawny nurse shark fetuses have been discovered swimming from one uterus to another inside their mothers, likely looking for undeveloped eggs to eat

AI could make it impossible for artists and novelists to make a living: Leah Crane

Copyright protections were originally designed to incentivise creators and allow them to profit from their work, but what happens when the artist is a machine?

A New Year vow for our leaders? Start taking climate change seriously: Owen Gaffney

Never has there been a more important time for politicians to move beyond paying lip service to the fight against global warming, says Owen Gaffney

Surrogacy should be a relationship, not a transaction: Natalie Smith

UK surrogates are speaking out against a move to pay women a fee for carrying someone else's child, says Natalie Smith

How to make even your toughest new year’s resolutions stick:

Our annual vows to ditch bad habits rarely manage to change behaviour, but why? Frank Swain examines how to make a new you this year

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