New selfrunner Free Energy Device shown


The Researcher Peter Lang has shown on Youtube, how Galfenol rods wrapped with copper coils can push a pendulum magnet also wrapped with coil perpetually 24/7/365 and produce usable also power in the form of light output.

He says:
How to use infrasound in the earths crust to make free 24/7 electrical power. Uses galfenol nanotech from the USAF. Pollution free works anywhere

galfenol converts sound or preasure waves into electrical pulses as a super magnetstrictive material . these waves canbe made directly into electrical energy. as the earth makes infrasound constantly this is an eternal power source. see wikipedia for galfenol or google search " galfenol USAF"

That is really a big achievment...
Also in another video he is showing how great Galfenol can convert tapping of a plastic yogurt baker can convert the virbration energy to Light output in this simple circuit...

Just look below how he did it.



This seems to be an extremely efficient process to be, just look in the video how bright the LEDs burn from this little bit of tapping the yoghurt baker...

Here is that video:

It seems this Galfenol material, which is an allow of Gallium and Iron is really the best new material for overunity researchers.
Well Done Peter Lang !

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