Heralding The Era Of 'Hack Proof' Communications, Chinese Quantum Satellite Sends 'Unbreakable Code' For First Time!

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In an experiment which can be considered path-breaking, China's Micius satellite beamed back messages to two earth receiving stations which is said to be 'unbreakable', or in plain-speak, a message which would make eavesdropping impossible!

Though the concept is not new, there had been limitations on its broadcast on earth based communication systems as the the maximum distance covered had been under 200 km, but transmission from space has extended that range to more than 1200 kms in the experiment.

A Long March 2D rocket blasts off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center on August 15,2016, carrying the Quantum Science Satellite.
[Photo Source]

The message is said to be 'protected' exploiting quantum physics using entangled photons which are,

sub-atomic particles of light manipulated so that some of their key properties are dependent on each other.

Which basically means that if there is an attempt to eavesdrop on the message, it would create detectable changes as the laws of quantum physics has established that any attempt to measure the properties of these photons, changes these properties permanently!

The Chinese satellites have complicated optical systems where this property is exploited,

By encoding a key to encrypt data using entangled photons, it becomes possible to send messages confident that they have reached a recipient free of interference.

For privacy buffs, this new tech could be seen as a savior if incorporated into our 'open' communication systems we are used to today and which can be easily eavesdropped on. But for others, it might be seen as a tech which could be exploited by the 'super secretive', for whom this will be a godsend.

So watch this space in the future!

Also check this video.

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Exploiting quantum physics to detect eavesdropping. OMG! I won't even pretend to understand how it works, but I will believe it does.

A while back I wrote a basic documentation on the basics of how current "anonymous" networks work. https://steemit.com/security/@camb/how-to-trace-a-source-s-ip-in-anonymous-dht-networks-a-simple-essay

Cool news post @norbu. I always like space stuff.


Excellent article @camb. Eavesdropping and 'sniffing' during transmission has been a problem for privacy till now.

The new tech is making use of the curious, and sometimes incredible, laws established by quantum theory and I expect this enquiry into the properties of photons, and how they change permanently under stimulation of any kind, to be investigated further.

Maybe one day this will be ported into our computer networks, as now the limitation of distance is dictated by the attenuation seen in fiber optic networks.


At the rate things are going I have good faith that our networks will be much stronger soon. Tor, IPFS, Steem, etc are the future :)