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in technology •  last year

Hi everyone,

Today, I present you my latest creation:


This is Steemit.Chat Post Poster, and what it does is that you simply insert the link to your post, enter your Steemit.Chat username and password, enter a few channels to post, and then press the "Send to Steemit.Chat!" button.

You can also write your Steemit Username and press the "Get my latest posts" button and it will fetch your latest posts, so you can click on the name of the post and the link will be shows in the Link field. Then, you just press the "Send to Steemit.Chat!" button and your post will appear in Steemit.Chat!

Sounds great, right? That's because it is great :D

The tool is open source, for those who wants to take a look at the code before using it and is available in GitHub, here:

You can download the software also in GitHub, here:

I hope you all enjoy this software!

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Would you be able to add multiple channel support?

This is going to drive the spam on to 11, haha! :D


What do you mean by multiple channel? Do you mean, to post on different channels? If so, it already has that functionality :) You just have to type the channel name and add it to the list :)


Cool, great to know! Thanks :)

Will make good use for the promotion channels


That's the point of this software :)

good sharing..
i like..👍
thank for you..☺