After a long wait, the Tor Browser for Android was finally launched

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Good day to all Steemians!

Tor Project, a non-profit organization that offers secure and anonymous web browsing methods, has introduced its first official web browser for mobile phones. This is the Tor browser where from today it was made available to the Android devices at the alpha stage, but all that requires.
بعد انتظار سنوات طولة أخيرا إطلاق متصفح Tor Browser  للأندرويد وكن أول من يستخدمه.png
This version is the first official mobile web browser, keeping in mind that the Orfox browser was developed by Open Source Project Open Source, with the approval of Tor Project.
For now, users who want to use the Tor browser on their mobile devices will also need to install Orbot, the app that acts as a proxy to connect to the Tor network.TorBrowser.jpg
The same organization expects that when the fixed version arrives, it is not necessary to install Orbot, which will be launched in early 2019, and to use the alpha version of the Tor browser
Download the program from Google Play .
Or downloaded by apk from the official website

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This is a big step forward.

Tor users, just remember, you must not use google for search, use something like DuckDuckGo, no point in hiding your details, but then making yourself vulnerable to google (which actually is the worst spy of them all). It also means you should not use gmail - for that will identify you. As a matter of fact, if you are not using a safe email provider, you will be betraying yourself and you might as well not use Tor.