View my full ongoing #911Truth video series: as well as my ongoing #FreeEnergy video series:

Buy her book "Where Did The Towers Go?" through my Amazon affiliate link:

Yep, I have followed up on her information, I plan to do more work on this in the future. See my films on the secret space programs. I have found a connection to SPAWAR doing LENR testing as far back as 1994, and my analysis of the images from 9/11 shows that whatever was used as a DEW was shot from above, like directly above, so it must have been a space platform. I have written articles on this on steemit as well.

Hmmm interesting stuff. I'll have to check out those videos. As for how exactly towers were turned to dust, my current theory is that the under-reported Hurricane (there was actually a Hurricane on 9/11... haha) approaching NYC just before the "attacks" created the necessary electrical field, which could then be directed to the towers. How exactly they were "directed" could be as you stated something from above, or maybe even through directing radio/phone waves, etc., towards the buildings geo-spatial location. This is just theory on my part but I will be going into this in much more detail over the coming months/years in hopes of creating my own Free Energy device, so #StayTuned!

Holy shit ! I understand why their cover up her story and blacklist her analysis, any engineer will be able to tell you the real story behind 9/11.

But that's just it, many claiming to be engineers won't even mention evidence that is in the book displayed above. You can read about "this sort of thing" in my free ebook, if you like.

By the way, thanks to the author of this post. Postings like this one are few and far between. Prepare for "attack of the trolls"...?

Ohh is that really you @AndrewDJohnson?? haha I have been watching some of your interviews with Richard Hall. Great work!! (FYI Richard Hall's extremely detailed analysis of the Madeleine McCann case got me interested in making my own investigative videos, including building up on McCann case:

And I'll definitely check out your book and I'll be making my own video series on 9/11 so #StayTuned!!

As for the paid trolls, it's a good measuring stick to see if we are on the right track so I don't mind them too much haha

Hi - yes - it's me - we sometimes find posts that pop up and when I find them interesting and have the time, I will try to respond. It's a lot of hoops to jump through to sign up for this site though! I just saw your YT report/video

(good stuff) about the attack of the trolls. I sometimes wonder whether these are flesh and blood humans, soul-less husks or merely software-entities hosted inside an NSA super computer.... Folks who email, Skype or call me know I am real and will talk to any sincere/serious minded person.

Hey again Andrew! I couldn't see your comment here for some strange reason but luckily it was saved on the blockchain (Link). Steemit is pretty new so there are some things it could fix, but the blockchain technology is a great start.

But yeah thanks for watching my video! You were right about the attack of the trolls haha Yup they might be a combination of super computers, or even blackmailed/bribed people in positions of influence. But given that many of the trolls I have seen have really bad grammar and spelling mistakes, could be just a warehouse of low-wage paid trolls haha. I have been watching your other videos on AntiGravity tech and think your interviews with Richard Hall are the most informative I have seen! Hopefully I can make an appearance in the future haha maybe once I start developing the #FreeEnergy tech!

No clue who this is, but the name is Judy so


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