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What is an ultra capacitor? What is capacitance? Well....let me tell you!

First off, let's talk about capacitance, capacitance comes from two plates which do not touch and are separated by a non-conductor "dielectric". Between the plates you have a dielectric "insulator". The surface area of one of your plates determines how much charge can be stored in one of the plates. As the charge builds on one side of the plate it creates and electric field that points from one plate to the next. The positive charges that have been built become stored in the electric field which can then be bled out into a circuit later and discharged.

I found this cool article about a new company creating ultracaps here on http://pirateswithoutborders.com


Check out the video below for this company in Estonia cranking out ultracaps!


These guys have created a composite graphene material to use in there capacitors which must yield an incredibly large surface area to store charge. However.......The ultracapacitor will not replace batteries anytime soon as they cannot hold the same energy density as batteries.

The advantage of the ultracapacitors is their ability to quickly charge and discharge. This is a huge application in electric vehicles where the capacitors can be used for acceleration and taking the charge from regenerative braking. This saves the batteries in the electric vehicle extending the life of the batteries.

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Tesla called capacitors condesnsors.
Since capacitors, even "ultra capacitors" do not have much capacity, i do not know why they decided to call them capacitors.

Especially when condensor is a better description of what they do.
But then you have to believe in the aether in order for it to make any sense.


The aether is a vector equilibrium I believe from what I've researched so far, very cool to find someone who is traveling down that path. We are constantly emerged in a sea of energy. I think we must make a transition of mass awakening before an explosion of vacuum energy exploration occurs. The trick will be becoming at peace internally to bring about a positive utility of the knowledge I think.


I am unsure what vectors you think are being equalized, so i cannot comment.

To me, the aether, the physical vacuum, is the medium from which space emerges.

That magnets attract each other are actually removing space between them. That is why they pull towards each other. There is actually less space in between them.

Light is a wave through this medium.