Video Walk-through Of The Archivatory Updates (Not Super Techy, I Promise)

in technology •  9 months ago


Watch On IPFS (720p)

The full Utopian update post gets much more in depth as to how these features work and the code behind them. In this video, you get none of that and solely see the updates in action. It has already been a crazy ride since starting up this project, and I'm excited to see what comes of it as time progresses.

The future updates will include features like RSS feeds, Playlists, ability to delete content, user account deletion, and user profile pages to display content and playlists. If you have an idea that you would like to see implemented into Archivatory, please let us know in our Discord Chat. You should also make it a @utopian-io post following this template to earn some extra STEEM.

If you want to start up a personal Archivatory server, there will be a script in the coming weeks that will set up as much as possible for an Ubuntu Server (probably based on 16.04). There are some settings that you will have to manually adjust in the php.ini file to accommodate for the size of the data you plan to upload.

My goal is to make this a federated service because what's the point of using all these cool apps if everything hinges on a single server. The makers of IPFS also are working on a cryptocurrency that will pay out to users "selling" their storage space to the IPFS network called Filecoin. If that gets out to the public in a timely fashion, it may be better to go that route for storage but only time will tell.

Thanks For Watching!

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Fascinating stuff. Thanks for keeping it "not too techy." ;-) Glad you came into PYPT and talked about this.


Feel free to DM me any time with any questions!

Thank you for creating this awesome service @jrswab! Super grateful for your generous explanation on PYPT. I was so very confused earlier – not anymore!*

I've been quite frustrated by the disappearance of content from dsound; I sincerely appreciate you undertaking that issue and offering such an effective, useful patch. ;)



I hope to make it even more useful for anyone using the service. I am always around to answer questions (as long as I'm not asleep lol). Also I plan on having a Q&A on our Discord server soon!

This sounds like quite a useful project, and your non-technical explanation was appreciated by the PYPT folks! Fabulous!



Thanks for checking it out deeper! As I said to the others in the show, my door is always open for any questions. <3

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Its great project that was owsome i use this when i shoked really thanks to u have a great and big project that cannot do anyone else....
I am big fan of P. A. L

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