Smart Liquid Metals, Who Will Build The First Terminator?

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Howdy folks and greetings from the Great Plains of North Texas!

Smart metals are a new type of alloy. Most are made of Gallium, Indium, and Tin. The stuff stays liquid at -2 degrees Fahrenheit and -19 C and above.

When a flake of Aluminum is embedded in it the metal becomes mobile and moves itself around!'s true!

It can move in a circle, straight line, or squeeze itself into smaller openings and complex shapes and then reforms back to it's original form. lol.

Does that sound familiar? That's exactly what the T-1000 Terminator model did in Terminator 2!

download (8).jpg

Of course, the medical field is working on new applications and uses for the metal but the military is also working on it.

Shoot, they say anything we hear or that is allowed to get on the news as far as technology is years behind what the Feds are secretly working on.

So I'm sure they've been working on this for years. We know that China is too because one of the first developers of smart metal was China. The military wants to create self-healing armor for tanks and things like that.

download (7).jpg

The medical researchers say it can build nano robots out of smart metal to take drugs into certain spots of the body through the blood stream. And many other helpful applications.

And they're confident that they can create a way for it to have it's own embedded power source, I'm not sure how, maybe grabbing elements from the air or some such thing, I don't know, it's too complicated. lol.

But yeah, the military admits that one of their main goals is to create battle robots out of the stuff! They're literally talking about building liquid metal robots.

Can you imagine? They can be blown up and gather back together and keep going.

The first Terminator movie came out in 1984 so they've probably been working on it since before that. That may sound crazy but I've noticed that most wild things we see in syfi movies are based on science or at least scientific theory.

Whether Terminators will be made or not, this is a transformative technology. I just need to find what companies are the most advanced in it so I can invest now before it becomes mainstream!

download (2).jpg


I reckon this should be an exciting discovery but like most exciting new technologies you have to wonder about the military applications.

Thanks for reading folks, God bless you all!

PS- Check this out guys..a family in Australia found what they thought was a young puppy or fox in their backyard so they took it to a vet and found out it was a full-blooded Dingo.


The poor little guy had deep wounds in his back where a hawk or eagle had grabbed it away from it's family but apparently hadn't been able to hold onto him.

Dingos are on the endangered list so the vet called a conservation group who came and got him, he's now with another Dingo family with similar age playmates.


Is he too cute or what? lol. Here's what the Dingo looks like when they grow up:





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Ha! My dog's name was Dingo, and they are wild dogs in Australia. Some call them baby stealers. This fluid metal can hopefully create new medical miracles for many sufferers Sir @janton. The orthopedic sections are making great new strides and they now even have robot surgeons.
As far as the military is concerned, people have always wanted to fight wars from the comfort of their arm chairs. A case of you better shut up, as I have more self healing robot soldiers than you Lol

All very true points sir papilloncharity. The good thing about robot soldiers is that it would be nice if they replaced human soldiers on the battlefield!

Oh they most surely will Sir @janton and the fear is in that case the world will become seriously over populated.
Robots will be employed at companies and people will stay at home.
Computer businesses and transactions will become the main source of income for families. Even farming will become mechanized and robotized.
Just my own thoughts here!

Yes it is going to be a whole new way of doing things in the future, makes one wonder if it will be easier or harder for the average person to make it.

I think that plans will be in place for government and businesses to support the masses with daily food and accommodation. No one below a determined status will have to work anymore!

Yes we are hearing quite a few arguments to that effect, that society will change dramatically when the majority of work is done by robots. It's totally wild to think about!

Things that we have never known or seen before. Ring a bell?

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Howdy esteemapp and thanks for the upvote!

Howdy Jonboy!
This is scary. It only took them 30 years to create a real life T-1000. Makes me wonder what other crazy contraptions DARPA is fixing to unleash on us. A heart attack gun, phaser weapons that can zap you giving you cancer, drones the size of mosquitos, and now the actual T-1000.

Howdy Rainbow Man! I know, DARPA is scary and we have no idea what they're doing or what they're cooking up. Our tax dollars at work!

Here's a riddle for you. Which came first, the script ( movie script) or the technology?

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Oh, good question, do you know the answer? I don't know.My guess would be the technology.

That would be my guess too. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


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Howdy stem.curate! Thanks so much for the upvote!

Mornin’ Cowboy! The young dingo pup sure looked like a dog. I wonder if he is a cross with a domestic dog. I guess a dingo is a dog native to Australia.

Howdy redheadpei! The vet discovered that the pup was a pure bred Dingo which was very surprising to them since they are on the endangered list but the conservation group were thrilled to get him! Yes, they are native to Australia and an important part of the ecosystem there so they are trying to preserve and protect them.

I tend to agree that humankinds most memorable achievements and advancements have come from some form of conflict. We look to find a way to one up our competition. It certainly is a little freaky what they're coming up with.

Howdy sir wwwiebe! Very true and well said. And what we're seeing is only what we're allowed to see, makes you wonder what they have in their secret labs!

Aww, poor little dingo pup! Those are some fascinating creatures. Apparently, you have to lock your door, if they live around you in Australia, be ause they have articulated wrists and can turn door knobs.

Howdy sir fotosdenada! Really? Wow that's wild! So they are smart and curious too. I wonder if they make good pets.

Of course the first application they think of for the new technology is military. What a world! And those adult dingos sure don't look too cute.

lol! Those Dingos don't stay cute and cuddly do they? That's what they said about me too. Oh well, not all of us get the looks.

I agree about the technology stuff. They use the technology for their advanced weapons systems so they can charge the government billions for it.

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Howdy steem-plus! Thanks so much for the upvote!

I don't think it's wise to have something unkillable in this fragile world of ours. Too scary to think about it.

I agree joelai, it is very scary indeed. That's why the military wants them. The only good thing I see about fighting robots is maybe they will fight each other so people don't have to die.

Hmm... That would be good.

Yes, let the robots kill each other off.

Wow on the dingo! And, I would love to invest in new technology too!

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Howdy cindyhartz! I agree about those adorable Dingo pups. This kind of technology that is being developed is so secret that it's hard to know which companies are making key components and doing the research. Thanks so much for stopping by!

The crazy suicide bombers would love that metal they won't have to kill themselves anymore the shares would really fly up 🤣

Howdy sir hangin! That is true and what a scary thought! We'll see what the future brings, not sure I want to know!

We will go rob banks like Bonnie and Clyde 🤣

oh! lol..and get shot to pieces!

Doesn't matter that's the 😺

I don't know if I want to go out in a blaze of glory sir hangin. lol.

If it was my last option this would be the Vin's choice 🤣 😎 🙀

Well I agree if it was the last option. Me too!

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My goodness @janton, smart metal? That sounds wild, I can't imagine the applications they are researching...the ideas are endless. Who can imagine where we will be in 10-20 years. Hopefully it will be used for good :) Cute little dingo puppy, glad it found a family! Blessings to you !

Howdy birdsinparadise! Oh I know, I am hopeful and excited because most analysts say we will wipe out cancer but then with discoveries like liquid metal the military has all kinds of plans for technology is moving so fast I think in just 10 years we'll be astounded. I wonder if steemit will be here in 10 years? Thanks so much for commenting!