US Retail Giant (Walmart) Just Filed a Patent for Robot Bees

in technology •  7 months ago

Well, here's one theory as to why those in power haven't done more to save the bees...

Walmart, of all companies, surprised everyone by filing a patent for autonomous robot-bees, or "pollinator drones".


These drones will be equipped with sensors and cameras to detect pollen, and will be able to make independent decisions in order to pollinate food crops, just like real bees.

The robot bee patent is just one of six "farming drone" patents, which are intended to do things like monitor the health of various crops and identify pest insects.

Walmart is not the first organization to make robot bees, but why is Walmart suddenly taking an interest in farming and food crops?

While Walmart declined to comment, we do know that several of their recent business decisions indicate that they're wanting more control over food supply.


Over 1/3 of the food crops we depend on are pollinated by honeybees, and they're dying at alarming rates. Research into bee-pollination alternatives has been ongoing since the unprecedented decline of honeybee populations in recent years, due to something called colony collapse disorder.

The first robot bees were created by Harvard researchers in 2013, but they were limited in their capabilities.

Now, however, the robot bees can hover in midair, swim underwater, and stick to surfaces like real insects.

The bees in Walmart's newest patent can be remotely controlled, which means they may be on a farm near you, all too soon...

How do you feel about this new technology, especially considering how necessary pollination is?

Written by @krystalt

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Thank You!

I think technology is moving to fast. So fast that it is becoming scary thinking about it. Check out this short vid and brace yourself.


What's that from?

Wow that's cool new way to make an insane amount of money by contracting them to large farms at inflated cost a service the real bees gives freely.Something needs to be done to bring the bees back from the brink of extinction.


No more real bees
To do the work for free
So time to pay Walmart robot bees
Will do the job, for a fee

Cautionary tale on the potential threat of drone bees in an episode of Black Mirror: Hated in the Nation

Nice idea, worth the application Thank you brother for the information

Robbot bees, never heard of that, and they could also sweem under the water?

Nobody will believe me, but a robot fly flew into my eye, about 8 years ago.

Whoa! That's literally an episode of black mirror. I guess I'm happy about potentially not having to worry about agricultural collapse, but the idea of Walmart having millions of drones flying across the world is not a super great option either!


What if the Walmart pollinator drones start fighting with the Monsanto "killer bee" -model warfare drones designed for wheat?

This is absolutely one of the craziest things I have ever read about. Freaking robot bees? Wow

mwell ... ive been so preposterous as to check it, you'll have to excuse me it's steemit after all and its very true ... troublesome and worrisome to have to resort to technology after destroying nature , then have someone patent what was ffa ... most people would be blinded by the wow-factor i guess but if that's what it takes to save the banana xD (i dont that was the bees, was it ...) so walmart patents natures finest after they go missing they get to feed the world hm ?

interesting take, allow me to spread to my most humble audience ...

sig :

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i am not a bot and i only have one account ... and im not half as bad a lunatic as it might appear but i need to hide from the normals or they come to pick my brains

anyone follows me i'll follow back within a few days

if you have complaints please check the link(where did that link go), or else just do that content dictator thing you do i no longer care ... a resteem is a resteem, atm to 352 people, thats 352 chances to have it re-resteemed,
Free speech is either absolutely free or it is not at all. It was meant to be free for everybody : how can anyone grow up in a nanny state?

Must know something or have plans for something. Wouldn't waste money on just anything.

"Pollinator Drones", honestly, that sounds badass.

I think real bees would be better at the job.

The future looks very exciting and I can't wait to start building robot of my own.

But looking at negatives, would this take food away from real bees? Wouldn't this hurt honey production and other bee products? I think there should be some real tight controls, specially considering how delicate this balance is.

and the reason why they need to look like bees is...... ?
Flowers can't see, it could have been little brushes.

also could it compete with real bees for pollen and reduce the bee populations even further?

This should not ever replace real bees.

This has got to be the bee's knees

this is just creepy... you can't destroy the environment and nature and just replace it with little drones for profit... extremely disheartening and sad

Wow. This is kind of terrifying and fascinating all at the same time. And why does Walmart want control of the food chain? That's even more disturbing.
Wouldn't it be better to try and fix the problem of the real honeybees?

buen post.!!!!

Imagine a real bee meeting a robotic pollinator drone bee for the first time. Sounds like a Pixar movie. When your race is dying and instead of saving you, they plot to replace you with something they can program and control.
Oh wait, that sounds familiar.
Science imitates art, it was inevitable

I wonder if they will sell them in the sporting goods section. I want one those swimning bugs to catch that 10 lb bass. Nice read and thanks for the info so I'm hitting those 3 buttons

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I would prefer that Wal-mart support the bees we already have by discontinuing the sales of the pesticides like Round-up. I won't hold my breath waiting for that, though. I'll just keep gardening by natural means. Since you asked how we feel about the creation of mechanical bees, I will answer that I really don't feel very pleased about it. I admit this is largely due to my own prejudice. Bees are complex and amazing creatures, and truly a masterpiece of nature's glory. She spent eons honeing the design. I doubt a mechanical version would bee superior.

Problem Slolved!

The Goal to Patent all Life- Who is really behind the Robotic take over of our Bees?

Who has influenced Walmart to do this? Walmart has a long established relationship with Bayer, selling it's pharmaceutical products and now they are collaborating with the newly merged Bayer/Monsanto to create their own version of GMO modified fruits and vegetables starting with Walmart's own version of the Cantaloup Watermelon. So, with a little deduction and investigation, it is not surprising who is really behind Walmart's patent for robotic bee pollinators.

Corporations like Bayer and Monsanto have a goal to patent all life, to control the world's global food supply and control humanity, a statement echoed from the German company, IG FARBEN and the Nazis... I.G. Farben, is an abbreviation for Interessen-Gemeinschaft Farbenindustrie, or the “Community of Interests” a company started in 1925, originally formed by eight powerful German chemical manufacturers, including Bayer, which most of you will be familiar with already. IG Farben was the private German chemicals company working with the Nazis to manufacture Zyklon B- Hydrogen cyanide gas used to commit genocide against millions of Jews. These companies send lobbyists to Washington D.C. billions of dollars to influence regulation decisions made by the FDA and the CDC.

read more below--

That’s scary

Nice post!

Very informative