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I would have expected we'd have a working memristor by now, considering they have been decades in the making. There has been progress but I'm still waiting for this technology to be ready for mass production.

However, we are seeing a lot of progress with neural nets and quantum computing.

Just yesterday I was writing about a new neuromorphic chip and now I just came across a new quantum computing architecture.

Qubits are the core component of quantum computers. The new silicone based technology invented by researches in Australia is making qubits controlled by electric signals instead of magnetic ones.

This makes it much easier to integrate qubits into electronic circuits and could make quantum computing chips small, scalable and affordable.

Seems like a true next generation breakthrough to me. Check out this short video that explains how it works:

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Nice post, I'm looking forward to the day that quantum computers become mainstream. Since reading the book "Computing with Quantum Cats: From Colossus to Qubits" by John Gribbin i have been excited about the possibilities that this technology will bring with it.

Follow up: Photon based quantum computing with millions of qubits. Hot of the press from Japan: https://futurism.com/researchers-claim-they-just-invented-the-ultimate-method-for-quantum-computing/

wao , what an informative blog. thanks for share.

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