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Aptera an electric car that promises an autonomy of 1,600 kilometers

For today we have another great innovation technology in the automotive field, although this concept is a little old has returned with great strength and dynamics, at a time when electrical technology is occupying all the productive scenes of the world, this case of Aptera an electric car that promises an autonomy of 1,600 kilometers. Come with me to learn more about this technological advance.


The main attraction of Aptera is that it breaks with the patterns that are showing the companies that build electric cars, companies that offer a maximum of 300 kilometers of autonomy and in an extreme case the model of Tesla s that the only one until the moment of the commercial line of electric cars that has 600 kilometers of autonomy, then appears Aptera that proposes a new level in autonomy that surpasses the 1600 kilometers of autonomy, within the most amazing things is that the manufacturer aspires to achieve this autonomy with only 100 KWH with a powerful battery but barely has been able to take advantage of it in some electric cars.


To achieve this objective the company shows its old and failed model of two seats and 3 wheels, in addition to having a super light weight and less resistance due to its aerodynamic design, 10 years have passed since the launch of its first prototype which media and people mocked for wanting to be compared to internal combustion cars. Today a dream that can be materialized and could put in check the companies that are commercializing this type of technology.


At that time, 10 years ago Aptera had required funding from the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing program, which did not fund the proposal and the company filed for bankruptcy by 2011, enough time for other companies today to benefit from changes in consumer behavior and especially from international agreements among the most industrialized countries to reduce pollution. Enough time for the company to redesign and adapt a better model to be launched on the market as the best electric car of all.


Aptera's manufacturing company is using the collective financing model that has allowed many technological developments to materialize thanks to the collaboration of a public that is willing to change the production model. The launch is expected to be in the middle of 2020 and with forecasts indicating that the car could be marketed at the beginning of 2021 if everything goes well.
Aptera will have 3 wheels with engines installed in them, with a power per wheel of 50 kilowatts and will try to have two engines in two wheels to verify how it affects the performance of the car. What will limit its autonomy is the batteries that will offer in the same model that will go from 40 to 100 KWH, if we make a contrast between Aptera and Tesla model 3 the first would be the most efficient car, but the crew capacity deteriorates, the Tesla model 3 has less autonomy, but more capacity for passengers.


If you're worried about how to charge because the CCS charging system can charge an Aptera in just half an hour for a range of 320 kilometers and loads at night in a domestic plug can add 160 kilometers of autonomy.


The company is sure that its car will renew the style of making electric cars, this time with better chances of entering this market that is growing. It is possible that after the launch and commercialization of Aptera, manufacturers of electric vehicles such as Tesla will start to think if their cars that weigh 3 tons could have better performance with less weight.


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