[Review] back! [End-to-end technology-motherboards] ASUS PRIME AMD, a motherboard prepared for best performance and durability

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First of all, greetings to all Steemians, makes a good time not to a post for the great work I have in my personal life:D, but here I am ready to continue talking about advanced technology. Today and chosen ASUS and one of his motherboards that has a tremendous power.


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Info about ASUS

Asus as we all know it, is a global company with a large technological level. It mainly covers several parts in terms of equipment such as: video plates, motherboards, sound, networks, laptops and much more. It has a good reputation for a long time and competes with other companies like Asrock, MSI, Biostar, gigabyte because they manufacture great products.

A very important feature: They are responsible for manufacturing all kinds of devices aiming to improve them and give them a personalized touch.



The next motherboard we'll talk about comes from a range called Prime, a new generation in which it has amazing performance and support improvements, virtually all PRIME cards have improved development so We will have power, fluency and intense play are problems.


Full Protection

Asus PRIME A320 is a card that comes equipped with 5 types of protection, certified by ASUS with Lifetime warranty which are

  • Guard: It is a technology that is being implemented, it is in charge of protecting the plate against high tensions in the networks and improving the speed and connection performance.

  • against over voltage: A system that is in charge of protecting the plate in case of a high voltage protecting sound, chipset, memories etc.

  • Electrostatic protection: If we think or get to touch the board directly nothing will happen thanks to this type of protection.

  • Stable power: Reduces unnecessary energy and improves stability

  • OVER current: the interchangeable fuses prevent possible damage resulting from overvoltages and short circuits.

Compatible with more than 1000 devices

We know that this powerful board has tremendous durability, but best of all is that it is compatible with thousands of technological products, ie keyboards of all kinds, graphics card, processor, Ram memories, mouse, cameras, sound, and many more.

Latest DDR4 Technology

Of course, I couldn't asus forget the famous DDR4 technology. We all know that DDR4 is currently the most powerful memory module with speeds up to 3600MHZ allowing us to fly when using a computer (personally not and had computer with these memories, but so that and heard is another experience to have a computer With these features :O).

It works with all the RAM brands, with a speed of 2400MHZ per memory.


Other features

  • Ultra-Fast 32Gps transfers regarding PCI modules
  • USB 3.1
  • HDMI with integrated video

Specifications + Compatibility

This motherboard supports AMD ® Ryzen ™ processors, 7a generation of accelerated Processing units (APUS) series A and Athlon ™ CPUs. The high performance of the Ryzen ™ processors supports up to eight cores, and is based on the innovative Zen core architecture.

CPU: Supports AM4 for Ryzen to eight cores

Memory: 4 slots, DDR4 up to 3200mhz

Graphics: Integrated Ryzen 7th Generation


BIOS: 128MB Custom UEFI

No doubt users of Steemit, is a very powerful and special card created by ASUS, personally have a personalized computer with this serious board of the best, much power and protection, besides that we will not have slowness and system freezes for lack of Resources.

We wondered how far the technology came, everything is fast but companies like ASUS want more and more . _.

Thanks for reading and I thank you for your support, I always make this kind of technological content because I like to Intuit and inform about what surrounds us today.

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