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RE: Piper: The Perfect Gift for a 7-Year Old?

in #technology4 years ago (edited)

Sensational post! I have to get my hands on one! Also such a very cool gift idea! Thank you for sharing this very cool computer kit. Please KIT with me ET! Two thumbs up! :)


Thank you VERY MUCH for the upvote! It means the world to me! You're such a GREAT person! I'm telling everyone I know on this planet about steemit! It is a very kind and helpful community! I'm very blessed and honored to be a part of the steemit community! Much respect to you and positive energy! I look forward to your posts my Friend! :)

No problem ET @extraterrestrial I thought you wouldn't need earthly toys lol. And welcome to Steemit :) seems like you haven't posted anything yet..

Thank you my Friend! I'm working on a new image and my first post my Friend! Please stay tuned! :)