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In these days, China has built a production line where mass-produced and deployed ultramodern nanomaterials can be made using state-of-the-art technology to prove what was previously impossible. At least that is what the Chinese state announcer says.

a line located in Shenzhen has produced different types of materials, including one that will make it "invisible" when applied to an object, and China Central Television Station has used that word in a document last week, so let's see what they have underneath.

Even though the station has not yet dissected how and where the invisible cover meta-material will be used, according to another local news server, Sina seems to be deployed on aircraft of China, namely the J-20 fighters.
What they refer to as "super materials" is actually called "meta-materials," and is a newly developed group of perfectly processed nanoscale surface products that have properties not reachable by other standard material paths (and surfaces). One bends the sound waves, the other turns the light, etc.

Some meta-materials can bend infrared light, so it is theoretically possible to produce a "invisible cloak." When the light shines on something, it is either absorbed or reflected, in any case we will notice that the meta-materials can giving rise to perceptions of what we do not know much about.

The material has 80 x 60 centimeters, and the next layer ensures that it can show one of 20,000 base surfaces. The sample will be small, say up to 0.2 square millimeters, and will contain thousands of micro-structures invisible to the human eye. We'll see how to improve Chinese avionics.


Do you have some references please?

Also I'm a bit confused about the statement invisible to the human eye. If it absorbs light then something will still be visible, i.e some darkness. Please specify what you mean, I am very curious :)

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