Louis Vuitton just made Apple AirPods EXTINCT!

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- Announced at FW19 (Fashion Week) in Paris -



Louis Vouitton

“Horizon Wireless Earbuds”


- Release Date : Announcing later in January


- Modeled after Master Dyamic MW07 earbuds ($299)

- Available in four colorways — blue & yellow LV stripes, black, red monogram, and white (not pictured).


- Price : $995


Would you ever pay $995 for wireless earbuds?


What is your favorite product to listen to audio on?

Let me know if you plan on upgrading to these luxury earbuds.

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Congratulations, your post sucks. I just downvoted it. You are officially 'Tripe on Trending'. If you want to read a far superior post click on the link below.


Have a nice day.

lol i was reading through this and I was just like




am I reading...

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Your comment made me chuckle and the fact that OP felt the need to remove it by flagging made it worthy of being the top comment of this shitpost.

I'll make sure it stays here even if he somehow manages to grey it out again.

Thanks for that. I'm not sure why @daltono took offence. Just having a bit of fun.

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Comment your favorite headphones, earbuds, or gaming headsets below...

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My favorite accessory to listen to...

Music : Beats by Dre (Solo Wireless) Gold - $299 - (Link)

Gaming : Steel Series (Arctus 5) White - $99 -(Link)

Did you just retaliatory downvote me? Did I hurt your feelings? Would you like a tissue?

$995 just for the brand tho. Hope they are decent for the end user at least

I’m pretty sure the same headphones reviewed in the above video (not Louis Vuitton branded) at $299 are an okay buy...
However I’m not a hypebeast and will NOT be picking up these luxury LV earpods.

I wouldn't never pay $995 for these earbuds, but if the $995 earbuds would made by a top company (like Sony, JBL, Beats or others) and the product has very good reviews, yes.
I miss my Sony MDR-ZX330BT headphones, these are not high-end headphones, but except for the volume strength, are completely amazing. The battery can works up to 1 week, only with a 4 hours charging and the quality sound is quite good.
But now I wanna buy others from Sony or JBL.

Even if they were made by a top company I doubt I would ever buy them, $995 is a bit much for earbuds

I wouldn’t either, well unless Steem hits $100 sometime soon 🤑

That’s coincidental, I just bought those same exact Sony’s for my girlfriend for Christmas. She absolutely loves them! I think $100-$200 is the proper price range for a solid pair of headphones.

wah aapl is clearly trying to find new profit

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It a luxury brand but Its not really that fashionable.

I totally agree.

whattt really well i think you want make something new

check your FB dm :)

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Just downloaded the beta!

995$ very expensive

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Extremely overpriced. It’s crazy what luxury designer brands can get away with in this world.

$1k is a lot of money for some earbud headphones. They cannot possess the sound quality necessary to warrant that amount of money. The title is definitely clickbait and the review is less then a review as in the comments you state that you will not be buying the headphones.

Personally, I use Apple Airpods for general use on my phone and ipad. Sometimes for my computer. Most of the time I either have my Bose QC25's on or Bose SoundSports. At times when I am frequently up and down, back and forth from my desk, I will use my PowerBeats wireless​ in-ear headphones.

My point is, all of the value of my headphones combined is still less then that of these headphones and I would gladly trust Bose over LV when it comes to sound any day of the week.

I am in agreement with you over the analysis.. it’s total bs that they can get people to pay such outrageous prices. Not only that, they get excited and feel superior for doing so.

Wow, talk about a change, it seems like phones just started being $1000 now head phones?

It seems that our essential tech is all rising in cost. Now that everybody is reliant, they emptying of pockets process begins.

Here the matter is that overpayment 2 of the cost for the decorated body is not normal! And yes, you pay for the brand. Nobody argues, it's just no sensation in this either. Just one of the luxury brands decided to make more money. All the best!

I doubt I would ever be able to afford earbuds like that, and even if I could I don’t see myself buying them. For that price I could probably get 3 or 4 top of the line producer/ audio engineer headphones!

Thank you! That’s exactly what I’m saying. These are a complete ripoff.

Wanna get one of those.

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The only way I’m ever getting these is if they are gifted to me or if I win them in a giveaway.

I will not deplete my bank account just to seem affluent with overpriced earbuds.


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I plan on upgrading to these luxury earbuds, but for now I'm listening music in a Genius.

Well please let me know how well these sound if you do end up purchasing them upon release.

The thing is, I'm pretty sure they work the same as Apple's Airpods.

I like the earbuds, looks really cool

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I like beats.

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Do you have the Beats STUDIO or SOLO?

I have beats solo3.

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What color?

It will always be black.

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Fair enough. Black is for stealth mode. Like a ninja.
I prefer a brighter color myself. I wish they would release a new teal pair of Solos.

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