How to use EVM machine?& it's ballet unit and control unit#00

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The EVM consists mainly of two units, one control unit and the second ballet unit and a cable connecting both. A ballot unit has space for 16 candidates and connecting four ballet units to each other gives 64 scope for walls and can be used from a control unit. ABM is a micro-controlled device. It is easily circulated. There is no scope for illegal votes in it. Privacy is confidential of data related to data counting can be done quickly
Features of EVM Machine-
It has a unique sequence number that corresponds to the mantle and bar code number of the next section of the control unit. The clock showing the actual time is not affected by the other work of the machine if it is poor to display the current time and date.
Battery power status -IMG_20180902_153531.jpg
When the machine turns on, the status of the battery power is displayed. If the power saving method is not functioning then the unit should be turned into power saving mode. Voter data can be printed when the printing is expected. There is a braille system for blind persons on the ballet unit.
Opening and inspecting control units and ballet units
Ballot units and control units meet voting personnel in different parties. Large and small boxes. Both have a leaf slip on which it has to be matched. Both of the stitches have to be pressed and pressed together After opening the boxes, make sure that the unit containing the control unit and the ballet unit and both are in the right direction. IMG_20180902_153618.jpgMatch the power serial number of the battery by turning on the control unit. The number of candidates in the ballet paper and the blue button in front of it is necessary to match the address slip. In the ballot unit, the number displayed in the slide switch panel is matched. Whether the connecting lead and socket connected to the ballet unit is in the right condition. In the form of a rectangular box which makes the voter turn his vote, the following things are present in it. The cable ready lines, slide show channels, 16 candidates 'lamps, 16 candidates' lamps, to connect with the control unit. In the ballot paper screen, the order number of candidates contesting the election and the ballot containing the election symbols will be arranged from the control unit. The connecting cable is permanently mounted in the ballet unit. At the other end, connecting with the control unit is connected to the hood connector.
When the voter presses the blue switches in front of the candidate of his choice, the lamp on the left side of that button indicates the red color and hears a long beep sound
Control unit-
The control unit consists of four parts, the display section, the candidate set segment, the result section, the ballot section.
There are two lines in the display segment and two are busy and there is a display panel in the upper left corner of the online display section, which shows a greenish glow when pressed in the direction of the power switch, which means machine experiment BIG Lamp is ready in the upper right corner of the exhibition section after pressing the balance button or giving the red glow, but the television channel data is 24 characters total They have to be displayed in two lines.
After the EVM machine is turned on, the serial number is the date and time after which the condition of the battery is displayed to the media with the serial number and use the control unit only in high battery condition.
Control units can have 2000 votes collections After preparing the control unit for actual voting after showbreaking voting, green paper seal is applied in such a manner that the green holes appear on the outside and then the cans After closing the result section, ABCD is sealed with a paper strip. In the balance section there are two buttons on the left side of a blue total button and on the right side Ha is blue Bailent button.
Votes are issued by pressing the ballot button and by pressing the total button, the number of total voting is knownIMG_20180902_153554.jpg. Candidate set segment polling parties will be found in a sealed state, inside it is a power pack compartment and a candidate set button compartment. The result is the left and a big round hole in the cover of the section, from which the close button appears, the left part of the break section There is a black close button and there is an inner compartment on the right side.
Do not do it -
Do not put inappropriate pressure on stitches, occupations etc. Do not place electronic voting equipment near the heater or any other hot item While sealing, do not wear waxed wax over electronic voting instrument by pushing the doors and doors of different parts and not opening the control unit upper The cover of the cover not opened until the seal of the power pack is open unless it is expected to be used

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